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Core Framework (Final Version)


Core's Creator
Jan 25, 2019

  • Project Lead: Nihil.
  • Main Programming: Nihil, Lighto and YohananDiamond.
  • Programming: Nihil, Lighto, YohananDiamond, Chopp, Dark and Yonatankr.
  • Art: Tyson Tay, joshyflip, Dolphman, Ainand, Yolkin, Tales499, Jeloboi, Grakai, Louplayer and Troopsushi.
  • Level Design: Ainand, Dark, Chopp and Nihil.
  • Music: DJ Vertstyle and Nuclear.
  • Special Thanks: EX64, HezMania, CesarFernandes, Phi, Uppernate and Israel.
  • Sonic Worlds Content: Damizean, LarkSS, DimensionWarped and Techokami.
You need to purchase a legit Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ copy to use it. Make sure to install the most recent version of SDL Joystick, Scope Control and the included shaders to make this works. The latest version is compatible with 292.22 build or higher.

  • 360 Platform Movement
  • Accurate Physics
  • 6 playable characters with their respective abilities
  • Support for gamepad using SDL extension
  • 3D Sound System
  • Options (BGM and SFX volume control, screen size and save system)
  • Act transition system
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Common stage objects (badniks, springs, monitors, rings, hazards, etc.)
  • Palette shaders
Core began development in mid-2019 with the initial aim of correcting Sonic Worlds' inaccuracies and revamping it to the Sonic Mania style. But from the 0.23.0 version we decided to rewrite everything from scratch to make use of the contemporary Fusion features.

We rewrote the same methods as Sonic Worlds in some situations, but with a ton of changes like the improvements to the collision system, sensors, angle detection, visual angle calculation, landing, ceiling landing and physics.

We rewrote a ton of gimmicks and features from Delta into a brand new code, just like every action, rings, monitors, spikes, platforms, bridges, etc. Some things that naturally worked great were adapted from Sonic Worlds Delta, like water tunnels, screw, corkscrew with slight edits, but everything else was written by us.

We can say that versions before 0.23.0 were modifications of Worlds, while versions after that are a fully rewrite.

Terms of Use
  • Credit to everyone who developed this framework. It doesn't matter if you want to credit at the beginning or at the end, just credit us somehow.
  • You can use this framework to develop your own fangames and indies -- as long as you don't use anything protected by copyright in your game (e.g. don't commercialize a game using the Sonic the Hedgehog brand under any circumstances).
  • Don't re-release this framework without permission.
Discord Server

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Core's Creator
Jan 25, 2019
Note: This project is no longer receiving any kind of updates from my end. While anyone who wants to update the framework can do so, it will officially happen at the hands of joshyflip, Chopp and Dark. It was almost 4 years of inexhaustible hard work, which I currently have no interest in finishing. There are some bugs with the semi-solids, but Dark is in charge of fixing them. I hope this framework will be useful to you.
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sonic crocodile my beloved
Aug 14, 2017
This is the incredible amount of work you guys put to cover the most needs in making the game. I am very sure this framework will be useful.