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Hack Chao World Plus V2

Tails Tube

Green Hill Zone
Nov 6, 2023
Version 3 is in deveploment.
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Chao World Plus is a Sonic Adventure 2 Battle(Gamecube version) mod created by Tails Tube, that improves and fixes somethings in the Chao World. This mod is made for Dolphin Emulador,and is not compatible with any mod that changes the Chao World.

How to make the mod work:

You need Dolphin Emulador(to run Sonic Adventure 2 Battle,you need the rom),and download Chao World Plus(latest version)zip file,than extract the zip file,and go to Dolphin's files and go to load,textures,than create a folder with the name GSNE8P, than put the Chao World Plus (Main Content) on the GSNE8P folder,and if you want Night Chao World or Chao Race Plus or Black Market Plus,put on the GSNE8P folder;now you need to open Dolphin Emulator and enable Custom Textures and select the Posterize Post-Processing effect(this Post-Processing effect upgrades the game's graphics,making it closer and better than the Dreamcast version,and without selecting the Posterize Post-Processing effect the mod will loose quality on the new textures ) to the mod work. If you want to remove one feature,example:Night Chao World,you need to pick the Night Chao World file and put It in another place(example: the Load folder),if you are in the game,Just disable custom textures and enable again to the textures update.

Version 2 Content:Replace Chao Karate with Tails Lab from Sonic Battle.

Version 1.5 Content:Chao Transporter is now closer to the Chao Departure Machine(PC version of Chao Transporter),including the name. Night Chao Garden,Night Hero Garden and Day Dark Garden have updated cards to fit the night/day theme

Version 1 Content:Release of the mod.

Chao World Plus Content:

Chao World Plus(Main Content):Changes the Chao World logo,the Chao Lobby textures(Chao Lobby was changed to make it more better visually),the color of every Chao on the kindergarten(Black Market's Chao,Professor Chao,Chao Doctor,and Fortune-Teller Chao,)to make then a Adult Chao,including the Chao drawings of them,and added the Chao Playground(unused place on the kindergarten) picture of the Dreamcast version in the Principal Room.Chao Transporter is now closer to the Chao Departure Machine(PC version of Chao Transporter),including the name.

Chao Race Plus:Changes the textures of Beginner Race and Jewel Race to become:Sea Gate and Seaside Hill.

Night Chao World:Changes Chao Garden,Hero Garden,Kindergarten,Beginner Races,Jewel Races,Dark Races and Chao Karate to night time and Dark Garden to day time.

Black Market Plus:Add new itens to the Black Market(replacing others itens)
Mint Candy(Chao Fruit)
Chaos Cola(Triangle Fruit)
Chaos Soda(Square Fruit)
Cocunut(Round Fruit)
(i could not change their original names on the Black Market).

Tails Lab:Replace Chao Karate with Tails Lab from Sonic Battle.

V2 Trailer:

View attachment InShot_20231119_105719125.mp4


Sega and Sonic Team:Creators of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise.

Dolphin Emulator:Emulator.

Sonic Fan Games HQ and Sonic Amateur Games Expo(SAGE):resource for fan gaming on the web.

Tails Tube: Creator of the mod.


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