Bumper Engine CamTrig Direction


Green Hill Zone
Sep 29, 2019
I am pretty new to Bumper Engine and am trying to understand how CamTrig works (or in this case doesn't work).

I am trying to utilize CamTrig to swivel the camera when entering the collider, which as I understand, it is intended to do. However, the only parameters that seem to be getting recognized in Bumper Engine is altitude, distance and whether or not it is locked or free... but direction is being totally ignored.

I know that this is something that worked in the original Hedge Physics, but it seems that something was lost in translation (since Hedge Camera is still my primary camera). Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for alternate methods for rotating the camera with the use of collision triggers? And does this have something to do with the fact that Bumper Engine out of the box seems to have manual camera rotation disabled?

Thanks for any advice anyone might be able to offer!


Green Hill Zone
Jan 4, 2021
Sorry for the thread bump, but google led me here before I figured out a fix on my own, and I felt I should share with future stragglers.

Turns out the hedge camera script needs a speed, otherwise it won't rotate to the specified direction. It seems the speed factor determines how smoothly it rotates. In line 23 of CameraControl.cs you can add a fourth parameter to give the camera some speed when Lock To Direction is used. In this example I chose 2 but you can of course pick a different number.
Cam.SetCamera(dir, 2f, col.GetComponent<CameraTriggerData>().CameraAltitude, 2f);
This alone will get the camera to face in the same direction as the collider. The camera will still look at the character. If you don't want that then you will need to do some more invasive changes to the hedge camera.
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