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  1. SAGE 2020: Sonic GT

    SAGE 2020: Sonic GT

    Next up in my SAGE 2020 coverage is a fan game that has been getting a lot of attention this year. It's Sonic GT! Believe it or not, Sonic GT's SAGE appearance is not just as a demo. It's the final release, a full version of the game. The game has "4 huge levels, more than 3 unique characters, a...
  2. Sonic GT Sage Final Demo

    Sonic GT Sage Final Demo

    Hello! My name is Gabriel Gonzalez (a.k.a Greedy), I always loved the Sonic franchise , it was my first game way back in the days of the Master System with Sonic 1, and later Mega Drive Sonic 1 and 2, Later would return into the series on ADV 1 and 2.While I love the earlier 3D games from Sonic...