sonic battle

  1. Sonic Forces: Battle

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Sonic Forces: Battle

    Sonic Forces: Battle is a game based on Sonic Battle where you can play as a whole variety of Sonic characters and battle a whole variety of Sonic characters. The game currently includes eleven playable characters, and fourteen playable stages from various Sonic games. Synopsis: Oh no! Eggman...
  2. IbuiKun

    Sonic Ultima

    Sonic Ultima is a passion project that's been worked on for a surprisingly long time with The game utilizes mugen 1.1b's features. the current build of the game has 3 characters playable, the amount will be updated over time as the event goes on. please be sure to give feedback as needed, this...
  3. Sonic Battle R - Prototype V2 0.5.96

    Sonic Battle R - Prototype V2 0.5.96

    Sonic Battle R - Prototype V2 DOWNLOADS: 64-bit Download This is a big update and will be the last of the prototype versions of the game, V2 (v0.5) may also get patches down the road. Now users can use the Master Server if they cannot port forward...