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sonic adventure

  1. KMX

    Sonic Ringworlds needs your help!! In search of a new team!

    This is a sonic fangame that has been in development for far too long now, being made for Saturn hardware only. Recently, development has been inactive for several months now and has lead me to take this project in a new direction. Since im only a texture and traditional artist, i hope this...
  2. Hot Job 94' Demo

    Hot Job 94' Demo

    DOWNLOAD THE SAGE 2023 DEMO HERE! Hot Job 94 is a 3D action platformer inspired by the early 2000's GameCube games such as Sonic Adventure and Super Mario Sunshine. Control 5 different characters with unique attributes like speed, flight, shooting, and combat. Chuck Steak is a retired...
  3. DinoEpic3

    Fan Game Sonic Adventure 2D - Devlog

    In December 2019 I started making a 2D demake of SA1 on Scratch. 3 years later, it moved to Unity and I'm barely anywhere in the project. This thread is for me to post updates that I think deserve a spot here & to answer questions people have on the project...


    A 3D Sonic Project, heavily focused on the Action and Level Design flow. This time Sonic is visiting a Mountainous region, high up in the sky. What awaits him? Just a fun Snowday... This is a one-stage Demo for a fan project. The Link for the Demo is in the Media section. Minimum Specs...
  5. I

    Fan Game Sonic Adventure: Order's Island

    I spent two weeks making this sonic adventure-ish game. I like the gameplay so far, but I'm concerned about the frame rate. Basically, I want you all to download this game and see If it runs smoothly. I'm personally getting a crispy 60 fps, and I've seen no dips whatsoever. For this reason, I'm...
  6. Shibou

    HELP WANTED: Sonic Project Rift

    Heya! How should I start this....... I'm Shibou an artist, amateur game designer, Animator, and Storyboard artist. And as of Recent, I have begun to work on a Sonic Fan Project with the working title of 'Sonic Rift' which aims to be a somewhat Adventure Styled Fully 3D Fan game, with a fleshed...
  7. Sonic Adventure 1 (Dreamcast/GCN/PC) Sound Effects

    Sonic Adventure 1 (Dreamcast/GCN/PC) Sound Effects

    A collection of Sonic Adventure Sound Effects
  8. Yacker

    Sonic Journey

    Sonic Journey is a fangame I've been working on for the past many months. Running on Unity, it uses a completely original engine not directly based on any previous 3D Sonic fangames. It boasts some robust features, like online multiplayer, custom level support, even a more advanced camera...
  9. TheCliffStudios

    I've got some issues with my physics, could someone take a look? I need a second pair of eyes.

    So I've been developing a SA style gameplay system in Unity, I'm having some small issues with the main controller for the player character. The issue seems to be around input, sometimes the player won't move, sometimes they move in the wrong direction and sometimes their velocity seems to reach...
  10. MagicianArcana

    Game Radical Adventure (working title)

    Since December of 2017, I've been working on a Sonic Adventure inspired 3D platformer that I've been referring to as Radical Adventure. I have an early demo build on Itch here: (It's browser playable too! No need to download anything. But...
  11. Sonic Forces Adventure pre-build v0.1

    Sonic Forces Adventure pre-build v0.1

    Controls : A - Boost S - Jump/Homing/DashJump D - Slide/Bounce ( triple slide gives jump boost )
  12. ShadowExplorer

    Sonic Forces Adventure SAGEDemo
  13. Sonic Metal Adventure (Sage 2018 demo)

    Sonic Metal Adventure (Sage 2018 demo)

    Welcome to Sonic Metal Adventure! a 2D platformer similar to Sonic Rush with Dreamcast era graphics and music. MEDIAFIRE LINK: metal adventure SAGE Includes: 2 playable characters with their own abilities. 4 levels for Sonic. 1...
  14. Copen-08

    Anyone know the SA2 (Dreamcast) Physics Engine?

    Hi, So I'm working on a 3D project in Unity3D, and I figured I'd make a fun platformer, but when I tried using PhysX - the Unity3D physics engine - my hopes were (and still currently) dashed when the best I could come up with was nothing but a vulgar parody of movement. I really liked how...
  15. Sonikko

    SADX Sins: A blog about Sonic Adventure DX downgrades

    SADX Sins is, as the title of this thread says, a blog about differencies between Sonic Adventure and the later ports, specifically focusing on the downgrades, complete with screenshots, video and audio comparisons. The game suffered a lot in the process, the lighting system was completely axed...
  16. Sonic Adventure Reloaded

    Sonic Adventure Reloaded

    Here is my project : Sonic Adventure Reloaded. This is a fan game made with UDK SGDK with the objective to port Sonic Adventures stages into a modern engine to have an Adventure game with modern graphics. Before getting into this game I was always asking : "why not have a Sonic Adventure but...