1. Coderman64


    Hello, world! It's Coderman64 here! I've been playing around with Linux again, and was thinking that some of the people in the community may want a summary of Linux support amongst this year's SAGE I've started a list! Most of these games were not tested thoroughly, just booting up...
  2. Twins'R'Awesome

    SAGE 2018 reviews done by a guy who knows how to type

    So, SAGE 2018 is coming literally the day after tomorrow, and yeah, it is exciting. This year, I decided to play almost all of the games this year and give my (thorough) thoughts about it. Currently, I only have 3 projects reviewed that were released a few days early. More details in the current...
  3. BlazeHedgehog

    My SAGE Reviews for 2017

    Hm. I guess this is the right place to put these? Anyway, as usual, over at TSSZ we post reviews of every game at SAGE and in the last 2-3 years those duties have been split evenly between Louis and I. This year, Louis is off setting up for New York Comic-Con so just like the olden days I have...