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puzzle game

  1. ZuPs! - Snow in Summer (SAGE 2022)

    SAGE 2022 - Complete ZuPs! - Snow in Summer (SAGE 2022)

    It seemed that some graphics cards/monitors limit the game's FPS to 30. PLEASE download "" for an alternate build that should fix this issue. "ZuPs! - Snow in Summer" SAGE 2022 patch available in: English, German, Italian, Spanish (lat. american), Braz. Protuguese and Dutch...
  2. Super Sonic Speed Course

    Demo Super Sonic Speed Course

    SUPER Sonic Speed Course is a reboot of Sonic Speed Course built to feel smoother to play and be more original. available is a small 3 level demo showing some of the new game play mechanics and gimmicks Download the April Fools demo >>>> here <<<<
  3. Box 'n' Robot (SAGE 2021) - retro-styled puzzle game

    Box 'n' Robot (SAGE 2021) - retro-styled puzzle game

    I recently made an engine for randomly generated Sokoban-style games, and this game is a polished version of that, with a 16-bit style sci-fi aesthetic. Your job in this game is to clear all the lights, which you can achieve by pushing boxes which appear in a random position in the grid of the...