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  1. Fusion Badniks

    Fusion Badniks

    A variety of sprite sheets made by different authors, SFGHQ Archives presents, Fusion Badniks. The Duckboy Collection: Fusion Badniks by JJ: Fusion Badniks by Alex: Fusion Badniks by Sonic3000-DOMESDAY: Fusion Badniks by Gold Sonic & Knux 9: Fusion Badniks by...
  2. Random Example Assortment for Fusion

    Clickteam Fusion Random Example Assortment for Fusion

    Commented examples for Multimedia/Clickteam Fusion, from ways to move the game camera to creating graphical effects to making a simple main menu. No full game engines. Included: • .mfa file • A couple of extension files just in case Click here to download. No credit of any sort needed, I made...