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  1. Sonic: Lock & Load

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic: Lock & Load

    Sonic: Lock & Load is a hyper-fast, action packed first-person shooter based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games and built on GZDoom. It draws inspiration from Sonic games, as well as titles like Sonic Robo Blast 2, ULTRAKILL and DOOM Eternal. It also features elements from other GZDoom...
  2. Baserisk


    Baserisk is a First-Person Shooter that is trying to aim for a Half-Life vibe with elements from the aforementioned Half-Life, Quake 1/2, Changed, Left4Dead, etc.. It is currently in really early stages of development. GitHub respo NOTE TO PLAYERS: PLEASE CHECK THE GITHUB FOR THE MOST...
  3. Hellslave : Project Z-Treme

    Hellslave : Project Z-Treme

    Hellslave : Project Z-Treme, SAGE 2021 deathmatch demo LATEST VERSION HERE : -Complete deathmatch experience, including against humans or bots, with up to 8 players. -Fully 3D engine, the Z-Treme Engine, expanding on the Sonic Z-Treme engine...
  4. PROJECT Z-TREME (Sega Saturn) - SAGE 2019 tech demo

    PROJECT Z-TREME (Sega Saturn) - SAGE 2019 tech demo

    PROJECT Z-TREME Sage 2019 tech demo Homebrew full 3d first person shooter for the Sega Saturn! Including for the first time on the Sega Saturn, splitscreen first person coop and deathmatch gameplay! UPDATE 2019-11-11 : New map compiler, allowing bigger maps made much faster. I added a new...