1. Adam Kareem

    Fan Game Sonic Explorers

    Introducing Sonic Explorers (a fan game) BETA Release! I've been lurking around here for a while and got inspired by Sonic Utopia and Sonic 2 HD to create a high quality fan game myself. The idea with this project is to give Sonic the one thing he's been missing since going 3D -...
  2. Sonic Runners Reloaded

    Sonic Runners Reloaded

    Sonic Runners closed down back in 2016. But now... it's time for Sonic Runners to get its true sequel. This game works offline after first time set up. Download on Game Jolt: AN ALL-NEW SONIC ACTION GAME IS HERE! Simple controls - just...
  3. Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories - Sage 2018 Demo

    Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories - Sage 2018 Demo

    Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories is a fangame based on the Nintendo series "Kirby" One peaceful day in Dream Land, while Dedede was up to his old tricks stealing food from all the citizens. A mysterious creature fell from the sky from an unknown location, the creature gets up and tells Kirby that a...
  4. Sonic Eternal (Demo)

    Sonic Eternal (Demo)

    Upgrade: New zone and level select. Sonic Eternal is a demo based on Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Story: Mecha Sonic returns and wants revenge on sonic, and it's up to Sonic to find the emeralds before he destroys everything in his path to show Robotnik that he should not be replaced. This demo...
  5. Sonic 3 A.I.R. - SAGE 2018 Demo

    Sonic 3 A.I.R. - SAGE 2018 Demo

    Overview Sonic 3 - Angel Island Revisited (Sonic 3 A.I.R.) is an unofficial port of Sonic 3 & Knuckles for Windows PCs. It very closely resembles the original game, but adds features you would only expect from a modern fan game engine - including full support for 16:9 widescreen display, alpha...
  6. Sonic Explorers (Beta Release)

    Sonic Explorers (Beta Release)

    A passion project to finally bring what every 3D Sonic game has been missing - great controls! The idea was to blend the fun and ease of Mario Kart with the platforming, speed, and style of Sonic. I hope you enjoy it! Please give tips and feedback so I can continue to improve this project over...
  7. M

    Fan Game Hyper's Quest 2: Tube-iverse in Peril - Major Help Needed

    To be brief, I need: +An animator for the game's new intro and (possibly) ending +A new sprite artist or two (other than myself and another person) +Someone who knows how to program bosses in the Sonic Max Engine Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Trevguy

    Fan Game Sonic Dream Plant

    Introducing Sonic Dream Plant, demo coming SAGE 2018 Dr. Eggman has built a machine that caused all of the residents of Christmas Island to fall into a deep sleep. Now, the task falls upon Sonic and friends to destroy the machine and foil Eggman's plans once again! A couple of gifs...
  9. Hello

    Shroom Editor

    The Shroom Project meets Mario Editor! The resistance is back, and this time, you get to create their adventures! Build your own levels with guns and blood with this easy to use level editor! Trailer Screenshots Download Game Want to share your level with others? Want to try out...
  10. Sonic the hedgehog Pangoture (demo)

    Sonic the hedgehog Pangoture (demo)

    A Sonic and Pangolin Love crossover game. help Sonic and the red pangolin to rescue the purple pangolin that Dr.Robotnik kidnapped her. in this demo contains: - 2 levels of Green hill - new playable character: the red pangolin - new monitors maybe I will do more in the future
  11. Hello

    Fan Game The Shroom Project

    The zombie apocalypse is nigh! The world is in utter chaos, and death is commonplace. A malicious group is responsible for all of this destruction, and is busy at work on a dark scheme known as The Shroom Project. Play as one of two characters, join a rag tag team known as The Resistance, and...
  12. DGzinho

    Fan Game Sonic Neo Island

    bringing you a game fan game under development by myself for now with some phases, and we will share so that it is in sage 2018 and soon I release a demo version for you and here are some images of the stages
  13. TBR

    Fan Game Sonic: Project Survival [SAGE 2016 Demo Available!]

    SAGE 2016 DEMO AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD HERE! Sonic: Project Survival is a 2D Sonic fangame that pays homage to the classic series, and adopts the gameplay that Classic Sonic fans all know and love. The game was developed in...
  14. Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew

    Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew

    DOWNLOAD! CLICK HERE! A Smash Bros clone that got started during RAGE 2016 in January, finished for SAGE 2016 - now on SFGHQ! Somewhat of a meme game: simplified combat from smash games, chaotic action, silly sprites and loud overacted screaming for voices. Attack your opponents, rack up their...
  15. Sonic Districts

    Sonic Districts

    This game is constantly being updated and will become very different in the future. Keep on the lookout for updates! Sonic Districts is an incomplete fangame made in Hedgephysics. It includes a new multiple-path city level along with a new badnik, and a bug-fixed engine. Get to the finish...
  16. Crash N. Tense Adventure - Demo

    Crash N. Tense Adventure - Demo

    The first demo! Demo 2 can be found here (click)! DOWNLOAD! CLICK HERE! Crash N. Tense Adventure, a 2D Crash Bandicoot fangame, inspired by the original Playstation 1 Crash games. Exactly what you'd expect from a Crash game, single player classic platforming, collecting crates, wumpas and...
  17. Petit Hedgehog - SAGE 2017 Preview

    Petit Hedgehog - SAGE 2017 Preview

    Petit Hedgehog is a fangame project made (mostly) by dedicated Sonic fan Chengi, in an attempt to properly bring the adventure formula to 2D without heavy automation or scripted sequences all while including mostly custom-made assets. What started as more of a "test" became a little bit more of...
  18. P3DR0

    Post Your Screenshots Thread

    Want to share your progress in that thing you were working on? Want to get some feedback on that stuff you just made? Or maybe you just got something to share that doesn't deserve its own thread? Well, this is your place! P.s.: we accept videos and other stuff as well!
  19. Mors

    Fan Game Super Mario Flashback

    Super Mario Flashback is a Mario fangame I'm working on for a long time. It takes some gameplay elements from 3D Mario games and applies them to 2D. I recently decided to remake the game from scratch. Here's the new engine. And here's a WIP sprite for Mario by Neweegee. Visit the site for...
  20. B0M

    Fan Game Sonic Districts Fangame

    Well for my upcoming fangame Sonic Districts... I made a Fidget Spinner Badnik. Enjoy some pics. Also here's a video of the game so far.