#fan game


    SAGE 2020 - Demo SONIC: ALLIANCE

    SONIC: ALIANCE (SAGE 2020 DEMO) Sonic Maniac, a fan game developed by "Team Sparkle", finally rises like a sun to the SAGE event this year 2020. ✪ SYNAPSE ✪ > After hyper sonic recovers the master emerald, is heading with tails and amy to Angel island to leave the mythical object...
  2. Trinitroid

    Sonic and the Mayhem Master (New Update Available)

    "The first part of the full fix update is now ready! Witness the cackling disaster within the autonomous factory of Neembous Town, and solve the havoc from within." THIS GAME IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS This build may be a bit unstable. It is also VERY SHORT. This is just the second half of the test...
  3. Gamez

    Fan Game Sonic Rebound (Mania Sequel Fan Game)

    Hello everyone, I am Gamez. Co-Director, Lead Artist, and a possible programmer for the Mania Sequel project, Sonic Rebound. I will provide screenshots and music tracks, but know that we're not ready to show everything! Stay tuned! Thank you for your time, and I hope to see some replies! We...