1. Mr Rex's Zealous Adventure

    Mr Rex's Zealous Adventure

    Hello I am DynoStorm! When I was just 7 years old, I wrote a book titled "Mr Rex Survives the Comet". I don't have the book anymore but basically it was a story about some T-Rex surviving the mass cretaceous extinct event by escaping in a Rocket. Since then I've expanded the ideas of Mr Rex...
  2. Sonic Badnik Brawl

    Complete Sonic Badnik Brawl

    Classic Sonic gameplay is mixed with hand-to-hand combat controls in this new Sonic fan-game! Beat all the enemies to progress! Bonuses for stylish gameplay. Our website: Download: MediaFire (202.36MB)
  3. The Great Frebbventure

    The Great Frebbventure

    What exactly does it mean to be cool, anyway? Bread and circus have always left a dry, bitter taste on Frebb's tongue, and he's been called just about every synonym for "lame" and "grouchy" that you could find in a whole stack of thesauruses. So imagine his surprise when he learned just how much...