1. Furikan

    Hack Sonic Advance (Android) - Anniversary Mods Pack

    In 2001, Sonic Advance was released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. In 2011, Sonic Advance was ported to Android devices (only in Japan). In 2021, Sonic Advance on Android gets brand new mods, ready for this game's 20th anniversary ! The Anniversary Mods Pack is a collection of mods of...
  2. Sonic Quantum Collision

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Quantum Collision

    Welcome to our built from the ground up Sonic fan game. It looks Classic, but a little fresher - there's a good reason for that! This isn't just Classic Sonic, this is Classic Sonic with a brand new pair of sneakers. We aim to bridge the gap between Classic and Modern Sonic, in a way that the...