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Yoshi's Fabrication Station (SAGE 2021 build)

General Information

IMPORTANT: Hello everyone, to anyone looking for the latest version, I will be posting new updates on my webpage for Yoshi's Fabrication Station until next year's SAGE! Thank you so much for checking out this editor, I look forward to showcasing it next year again with tons of new features!

The original Yoshi's Island, released in 1995, is one of Nintendo's most gorgeous and beloved platformers. However, 26 years later, there still wasn't a way to easily create your own levels for this game!

Well, I figured it's time to fix that! Introducing... Yoshi's Fabrication Station, a faithful re-creation of the original YI engine, with a level designer! Featuring Yoshi, about to go on a new adventure... through your own and other people's levels. The Level editor is designed to be easy to use, but it certainly does not stop you from creating pretty advanced stages!

NOTE: Check below for levels to play, our Discord & more screenshots of new features being in development!

What's this project about?

Yoshi's Fabrication Station is a game that attempts to replicate the original YI as close as possible, and tweak things where necessary (like fixing glitches). Personally, I find this game a piece of art, and one of Nintendo's greatest works. But what if we could push it even further than that? We've seen what people have been able to do with the Super Mario mechanics with the various Mario level editors (either official or fan-made), imagine what is possible if anyone was able to create levels with the beautiful tilesets, sprites & mechanics of Yoshi's Island. That's exactly what this project is trying to achieve!


Quick overview of the Level Designer

The level editor is user-friendly and is very quick to learn and get used to. The toolbar at the bottom, styled after YI's menus, provides everything you need: tiles, objects, enemies, level settings, and so on. Sprites with multiple AI modes and/or variants have their own dedicated menu you can access by double-clicking, and you can tweak their values, and live-preview them inside the editor.
No technical or ROM-hacking knowledge is required, so create an island full of levels of your own!


More updates to come

The 1.0 milestone of the game released in February earlier this year, so this project is still relatively new. Not all content of the original Yoshi's Island has yet been added, as that would of course take too much time.
That's why I'm working on new updates regularly to add in features from the original YI, that the community wants to see added. Below is a screenshot of what is coming in Version 3.0, the sewer theme!


Our Discord + Channel

We have a Discord server that you can join in case you want to be notified of new updates, sneak peeks, find and/or share levels, discuss the game, share feedback, join the development team, or of course... to talk about level design!

Yoshi's Fabrication Station is a game affiliated with Level Share Square, a website that will host levels of various fangames with level editors. It is currently in the works, but is planned to launch later this year.
You can find the channel here (it has a lot of videos about this game!): LSS Channel

Some awesome levels you can play

Here I'll leave some levels made by the community with the game. Levels are simply shared through level codes; codes that include all data about the level. You can paste these level codes in-game to play them.

Groovy Citadel by BluSeven: Play
Spiky Springs by Luigibonus: Play
Snowy Castle Outdoors by Skopler: Play
Troubles in the Crystal Underwhere by BlazingGamer: Play
Flowery Hills by Lord Dominator: Play
That Guy Just Ran Off With My Baby! by FlyingDeath: Play
Archery Fortress by Skopler: Play

(Edit: added more levels!)

HTML5 (Browser) Version

If you're not on Windows, or for some reason the .exe build doesn't work, you can play the HTML5 version here:

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are you going to release a 32-bit pc port? if they do not understand is that I use a translator because I am Spanish
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