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Unoriginal Space Shooter (Demo build)

Well my reaction to this being a mania mod wasn't enough to show how happy I am about this! This is a good start of something.... Stuff missing would be a boss but that's about it. I really liked this! And keep on going!
The sensation of ZX Spectrum game is outstanding.
Well then, this is different. I like this direction.

Gameplay: Definitely feels like a space shooter. A shallow and unoriginal one at that which I guess is the point. It's impressive that he managed to fit all of this into the title screen of the game, and even more impressive, is how well it plays despite the shallowness. Basically, shoot asteroids and space junk so you can get points to buy at the shop to buff and pimp out your ship to shoot more asteroid and space junk and that's about it. It plays well, simple enough to understand, what could go wrong?

Graphics: It most definitely nails the Apple II setting with the excessive amount of dithering, simple graphics, and 2 color palette. I would've totally believed that this was ACTUALLY on the Apple II (maybe make a text based version of it so we can really get the IBM PC up in this :V). It's totally simple, yet totally fine, and the fact that it changes color when your ship is dying is a really nice touch :ok_hand:.