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(Trash) Project MA (Horrible)

Average User Rating:
  • Project MA a.k.a PMA is a very, very bad game, with many bugs :|

    Available for PC.

    Just don't play it. It's not worth it.
  • No Updates Available Now.
  • Controls On Normal/Boss Level:
    Left and Right to move.
    X to jump.
    C to do a stomp.
    S to do a Speed Dash (homming attack without jumping)
    Enter to pause the game.

    Controls On Menu:
    Up and Down to select a different option.
    Enter to Accept.
    S to go back to the menu.

    Controls On Level Select (unfinished) :
    Arrow Keys to move the map.
    Left Click to select a level (Thats why it is unfinished).

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Recent User Reviews

  1. PhilRACO190
    "The worst MiKe Adventures Version off ALL time."
  2. b1ue the sad garbage
    "impossible game?"
    poor grafics,controls are bad,and the physics are a SHIT
    PhilRACO190 likes this.
    1. PhilRACO190
      Press "S" next to an enemy.
      Sorry for the very late reply.

User Comments

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  1. Metalsonic3
    So how do you get past that chain of enemies in the first stage anyway? I've seen absolutely noone get through that part.
      PhilRACO190 likes this.
    1. PhilRACO190
      You need to press "S" in order to past that section and NOT jump on the enemys. For some reason the jumping momentum is so low that doing that part without pressing"S" is precise as sh*t to pass that section. I tried a lot but it only worked ONCE without the "Homming Attack". But anyways who would like to beat this game. Sorry for the very late Reply tho!
      PhilRACO190, Apr 20, 2019 at 5:17 AM