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The Big Blow Up [Demo]

Project Overview


Each player can fire Burst bullets or Balloon bullets. Burst bullets will reduce the enemy's health, and they'll drop gems when they're defeated. Balloon bullets will increase the enemy's size , firepower and defenses - as well as the number and value of the gems they drop when defeated. If you can time your shots properly, the enemy will drop even more valuable rainbow gems. But none of this matters if you can't collect them in time, or another player attempts to steal them. Try experimenting to see what else you can use Burst and Balloon bullets on, and compete for the high score.

Although the game allows you to play against computer-controlled opponents, it's recommended you play with a friend.


This build contains two short levels and two bonus challenges. The Arcade mode plays through all four levels and allows 1 to 4 human/computer players; the Versus mode lets you choose a stage and requires at least 2 players.


The Summer Jam build on the original page has no boss fights, music or sound effects. The updated SAGE build has a boss repeated twice, some older music, and placeholder sound effects. In both builds there aren't any resolution/sound adjustment options or CPU adjustment options. This game was developed and tested on a Windows 7 toaster with an XBox360 controller, and hasn't been tested on other Windows operating systems or with other joypads.

If you want to use a PS4 controller then connect it to your computer natively; there is no need for plugins such as DS4.


Mouse/keyboard or compatible gamepad (PS4/XBox360/XBone)
Player movement - W/A/S/D/arrow keys, left analog stick
Crosshair movement - mouse cursor, right analog stick
Burst Bullet fire - Right click, right shoulder bumper
Balloon Bullet fire - Left click, left shoulder bumper
Confirm option (wh en cursor is over option) - Left click, A(XBox) or Square/ X (PS4)
Pause game - Escape key, Start button




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Bonus Content

  • If you've set the Friendly mode to 'OFF' in Versus mode, your bullets will also effect other players. Balloon bullets will increase the number of points they have, and Burst bullets will decrease them. If a player is trying to hog all the enemies and balloons, this mode is a good way to prevent that from happening.
  • Players that are close to an enemy can be caught by surprise if that enemy suddenly increases in scale.


Artist, Programmer - StevenM


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