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Stellanova is a fast and seamless horizontal action-arcade shooter with expansive environments, vibrant pixel art, and stunning action set-pieces!


In a future several centuries from now, civilizations are beginning to expand across the Milky Way, and Earth now shares a single unified government body.
Due to advanced artificial intelligence, warfare is now entirely coordinated by machines, leaving military training focused on moulding human soldiers into machines of obedience before they reach the front-lines.
No matter how brutal this training is, it still doesn't break everyone however.

Stella Lucera is a 26 year old star-pilot, performing consistently top of her class and without any doubt the most talented and capable pilot in the Star Force.
espite her exceptional abilities, she has never been placed on a single mission after being considered a severe liability due to her consistent failure to follow orders and her unpredictable nature.

After years of having to stay back from every mission, the planet is threatened by an alien force unlike anything they've ever faced before, and Stella's erratic nature and unique skill set might be the federation's only hope.

Now's the time to shine like a star!



Shoot Forward: X
Shoot Backward: Z
Dash: C
Swap Weapon: A / S
Close Chain: Space

Xbox Controller (Reccomended)
Shoot Forward: A / RT
Shoot Backward: X / LT
Dash: B
Swap Weapon: LB / RB
Close Chain: View / Select
Flick Dash: Right Stick (Analog)






Patch Notes
Patch 1 - 2022-09-02:
- Fix: Softlock when visiting the Leaderboard after finishing the demo with a score that doesn't make it on the board
- Fix: Occasionally the player won't lose the turrets when getting hit with a shield
- Polish: Minor UI & Menu visual tweaks

Patch 2 - 2022-09-09
- Keyboard firing controls are flipped and now map forward fire to X and backward fire to Z.
- Fixed issues with some hue blending with the HSL shader on some machines
- Added Flick-Dashing!
Flick the right stick in any direction to immediately dash in that direction regardless of the ship's current trajectory.


Cast and Crew

🎬 Direction, Art, Programming, Design, and Sound FX 🎬
Brandon "Tpot" Beauregard
Twitter | YouTube | Ko-Fi

🎵 Soundtrack🎵
Sean Evans
(Act 2 & Act 2 Boss)
Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube

(Act 3)

Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Bandcamp

(Act 1 & Act 1 Boss)

Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Bandcamp

(Menus and Jingles)
Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Bandcamp

💫 Voice of Stella💫
Madison Lee


This game is fantastic! The game is very nice visually and the soundtrack is really good too. Honestly, the only critique I have is that I wish it was longer.
Really like this! Sprite work is fantastic, love the huge vertical real estate, water effects are superb. The level up mechanic for your weapons are nice, but the charged shot needs balancing, feels too weak compared to the rapid fire shot.
This is honestly quite miserable to play. For starters, the ship's move speed is SO slow that you cannot catch up with powerups flying by, except of course when you use the dash. Which is much more likely to get you killed than be a viable option for movement due to how it works and the likelihood of running into something at the end of it's effect, since enemy placements are rather significant in this. The way this is implemented can very easily be an uncontrollable mess, and I spent more time in act 1 dying because of the dash or trying to chase the powerups that I can't reach in time than anything to do with enemies. All this could be more manageable if the next issue wasn't present. Leading into:

The ship momentum is absurdly high for how slow the ship is, making quick judgement calls almost impossible since the ship has to slip and slide with it's movement at any given moment. This is and always has been a cardinal sin in this genre, so I'm not sure how you thought this was a good idea. Any players or devs from this genre will tell you not to have momentum on player movement and keep it stochastic, so that the player never feels as though they can't back out of a situation as quickly as they notice it. It makes the first boss miserable until I realized I could sit above it at a 45 degree angle and pepper it until it dies.
I shouldn't have to abuse a loophole in it's pattern to feel like I can beat it, because otherwise this boss would be fairly simple if I could dodge without being on ice effectively.

The final issue is that I can't really tell what is happening in Act 2, because the colors are all particularly garish in this section and the contrast balance is very out of whack. fighting the Act 2 boss was a test of patience in a way that felt totally uncontrolled, with nothing really feeling quite right. I ended up just sitting in mostly one spot during the stage part of Act 2 because there was just no way I wanted to try and actually engage with whatever mess was going on in the lower area, because the contrast btween the water area and sky area threw me off so bad when I actually tried to go down there.

I was so put off by everything that I didn't even bother to try to get to Act 3. Which is a damned shame, as this is very pretty and I was really looking forward to a cute little Thunderforce-esque game.
All in all the graphics are a 10/10 but the gameplay loop is a solid 2.5/10. this needs alot of work if it's gonna go places. I really hope that you try to solve these, this game is a good basepoint that is very much kneecapping itself.
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oh my the polish on this project is incredible... the visuals and the bosses were really fun! i can't wait to see more of it :)

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