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Space Kahuna

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  • Space Kahuna Flyer1_2.png SAGE_2018.png
    Are those California waves too bogus for you? Why don't you take a surf in SPACE!!!

    Space Kahuna is horizontally scrolling shooter developed as a tribute to silly shoot' em ups from the past such as Parodius, Harmful Park, and Cho Aniki. Therefore don't expect the usual space tropes and get ready for some silly levels.

    Art & programming done by Jerry McClellan
    Music by Justin Hill "Xxx Swearwords xxX"


    Player 1

    Arrow Keys = move
    Spacebar = Shoot
    5a4b84_4a10be0bceee4fbea35a643bc3fe9c4d-mv2.png 5a4b84_6c25259cb87042d59cd7b35dd752e2e2-mv2.png 5a4b84_6fe16f0e23254ab585fa618d24db8c34-mv2.png 5a4b84_44a32cc2881a4fdeb678895c3f0cd661-mv2.png 5a4b84_603f52ad966f424dba4cc67e868ce293-mv2.png 5a4b84_3435fd8460294340a0a53632c4bebf9a_mv2.png 5a4b84_bf864475874e4eb2a02c39bcf5952bbb-mv2.png 5a4b84_eedb892354cd426c8d45c3c03cd8df96-mv2.png Space Kahuna Flyer1_2.png SAGE_2018.png SAGE_2018.png PhotoFunia-1476124833.jpg

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Recent User Reviews

  1. GuilhermeBMotta
    The art is great, the game has good playability, I do miss controller support for this kind of game, but it was bearable. I did have some difficulty with the gameplay and I think it can be improved massively still, it could be because I'm really bad at it, but everything that spawns, from enemies to stars seems very chaotic and random, and that makes the difficulty hard from the start, making me unable to get out of the first level even, but it had good moments.
    I do think the enemy that shoots green projectiles shouldn't be able to shoot backwards after passing the player, that really seemed odd to me.
    If I had to choose a favorite, the artwork is fantastic.
    Jerry McClellan likes this.
    1. Jerry McClellan
      Thanks! I appreciate the feedback

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