Sonic Utopia Early Demo

This game is amazing but I cant download....idk why, when I want to go to the link where is download its just error? Please help guys......
I loved it! I like to play this game a lot, whenever I have free time.
whenever i go into the level my camera is constantly moving up and turning to the right how do i stop this
Good game
great the music and controls also the level desing!! ARE AMMAZING!!! but when the full release will be released?
Ok so to those who dont know to download you have to press the link under download then you should be at google slides then press the download button on the top right corner then open the file and boom
I cried while playing this
Bro how are u playing? I cant download when I want to go to the link where is download I cant its just error? can u send me zip file of the game? Please man :3!!!
ya i used way back something and it just takes forever to download
este mensaje va para el creador de este fangame y esque me encantaria que hicieras nuevos niveles cosas nuevas para el juego no dejes varado un juego inpresionante todo el mundo cree que sonic utopia es un juego hermoso asi que yo digo que sigas con este projecto tan genial telo pido porfavor si puedes seguir este fangame siguelo pronto sera mas popular que aora
es para 32 bits? :v
the controls, visuals and music are all amazing, the only problem is how short it is. 9/10
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It shows a lot of promise especially if you can keep this very high quality in future levels, i am excited to see new developments for this project
when dose the demo come out
THIS IS WHAT 3D SONIC SHOULD FEEL LIKE. The biggest problem I have with most 3d sonic games is that there's no sense of momentum. In the classic 2d games you had to build up your speed as you make your way through the level; you had to EARN it, and that's what made those games so satisfying. In most modern 3d Sonic games, you can just press a button and immediately reach top speed, which makes it feel cheap. But Sonic Utopia brings back that sense of momentum that has been absent in Sonic games for a long time. It's both amazing and sad that a free fan-made tech demo is more fun to play than a large majority of triple-a games.

However, I do have some criticisms. The game feels a bit too floaty. When you fall, you fall at a constant speed like a balloon. It would be better if Sonic picked up speed as he fell. This lack of downward acceleration makes smaller jumps very difficult because you always remain in the air longer than you expect.

Another thing is that Sonic is WAY too small. He should at least be as big as, if not bigger than the enemies. For reference, here's Sonic next to a badnick in Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) vs in Sonic Utopia

One more thing (and this is really nitpicking), I'm not a fan of Sonic's model in this game. I think it would look better if it was closer to his current design.

Despite these flaws, the game is an absolute blast to play. I give it a solid 4.5/5
i think the big enemies are fine as long as their size doesn't get any bigger
This is a really good game already! I love the open world Aesthetic, I also REALLY love Sonic's model.
There's no doubt this is only going to get better!


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I Cant Download It If Your Able To Help Thank You! (Btw The Gameplay Looks Amazing)
( I found out how to and its AMAZING YOU SHOULD BE A DEVELOPER)
Jacob Cubbison
How do you download? I just created an account here so i'm a noob.
Jacob Cubbison
nevermind, I was just being dumb.
This game makes my inner-child extremely happy
10/10 good game
My mouse doesn't work for some reason. Does anyone else have this problem?
have u tried clicking m3/middle mouse button?
For a demo that was released years ago, it is still enjoyable to play. I love the combination of Classic Sonic´s designs and open world of the Adventures games ( more likely Sonic Adventure 1). Hopefully we get a modern Sonic game with some similar mechanics and this fangame done.

Good job guys!
The only thing I have to say is that in a future update, could you make this compatible with PlayStation controllers please? (Duelshock4)
(also, I'm on windows 10 and don't really know how to turn the camera all by myself, so I let the game do it. But I would really like to use a PlayStation controller as well. When I plugged it in, square was jump, X was peel out, R2 was pause, the joystick for moving worked but the camera kept spinning above Sonic's head. I could press L2 but that sends the camera spinning in the other way. Any help to enable the PlayStation controller to work will be greatly appreciated, Thanks :))
Probably the best 3D sonic fan game I have played. The music is great. Sonic controls really well and 1st act is great. Can't wait till the full game comes out.
Great Lange
Great Lange
Yes you can. The game supports both joystick and mouse for camera control.
I'm at a lost for words. When I saw this game I had to make an account just to share my thoughts to such a wonderful product. This game has showed something far beyond the current sonic games by SEGA. The remix of green hill zone is beautiful, the graphics are beautiful, everything about this game is beautiful! I've never expected to have such an amazing feel when I went up a ramp and looked around the map. I can't wait to see the full product. Please keep this up!
The best 3d Game of Sonic that ever has been created.
This is how I imagined Sonic 1 in 3D. I wish there were more Zones but the game is beautiful!