Sonic Transitions

Way past cool! But I noticed a bug… When I use a powerup like speed or invincibility, then enter a boss fight, the powerup music stops and both the stage and boss themes play at the same time. Plus if I switch tabs while the game window is open, the music playing from the window speeds up and distorts.

As for requests…

1) Can the takeoff sound during a peelout instead be played on loop while running at max speed with the chargeup sound being like in the show?

2) The special moves - the homing attack, drop-dash, and insta-shield - could be combined into use all at once as such: The drop dash can occur when using a homing attack to "stomp" on a (non-bouncy) surface, and the insta-shield can occur when aiming a homing attack. Could you implement this?

3) Can you use more SatAM-esque ball sprites? With the white segments and that
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Thank you for bringing the music bugs to my attention. The next release should come with fixes for them.

As for the requests:

1) I'll have to see how that sounds in game. Maybe.

2) If I can make it work seamlessly, I might add an option for this. I didn't really want to out of fear of overcomplicating Sonic's moveset. I can get away with that for other characters (like Sally), but the Classic Sonic spirit is simplicity.

3) Maybe...
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Truly magnificent. The physics are perfect and the stages are fun too! Can't wait for more!
Mr. V
Mr. V
Not to metion that GODLY max speed sprite…
This was an incredible demo! Bravo!
Glad you went with the SatAM Universe; it's always refreshing to see it!

"Way Past Cool!" Points:

  • Both playable characters Sonic and Sally are a great example of gameplay variety! I found myself being able to feel comfortable speeding around as Sonic, and playing as the more steady Sally is really fun! (I think I enjoy her play style a bit more due to its gun-based combat!)
  • The UI, level aesthetic, and sprite work all work cohesively to make the project look collectively organized and visually pleasing! (In other words, nothing looks out of place.)
  • The music is especially well done; from the chip-tune rendition of SatAM's theme song to the track played in Free Territories Act 2, and everything in between!
  • Appreciated the wide range of ability options you provided the Player with in the Options Menu! A customized skill-set is a creative idea!
"Could Be Better!" Points:
  • I experienced slight slow-down in various areas of the demo, mainly in Free Territories Act 2 near the middle of the act. I replayed multiple times as both characters to see if the problem persisted, and it did. (Perhaps this is exclusive to my end, however. Take this point with a grain of salt!)
  • Perhaps give the Player the ability to access the Options Menu mid-game? Or maybe a 'Resume', 'Restart', and 'Quit/Return to Title Screen' Pause menu!
  • (Suggestion): The ability for the Player to switch inputs in the Options Menu on Sally's attack! I've always felt more comfortable using an X Button for attacks in most games.
  • (Suggestion): Maybe you could consider implementing the ability for Sally to shoot her gun while she's crouching? If Sonic can spindash, Sally could surely Shoot!
    • Alternatively, similar to Sonic's multi-directional Homing Attack (which is fantastic), perhaps the Player could influence the direction Sally's laser bullet is fired while in the air? If possible, great! If not, it's still fun regardless!
Overall: Really promising stuff, and I can't wait to see more of what you do with this project! I'll for sure be keeping an eye on it!
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I’m very happy you enjoyed it!

Consistency between all the assets was one thing I was very worried about, so it’s an encouragement to hear that you thought they meshed well.

You’re not the only person who’s had some slowdown issues in FTZ Act 2. Still trying to find out what’s going on there. (Doesn’t slow at all on my test PC which makes it so much fun to track down...)

A more extensive pause menu was actually planned, but it didn’t make it into this demo.

She can’t shoot while crouching? I thought I’d fixed that before SAGE... Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and feedback!
This game was a ton of fun to (no pun intended) blast through. Giving Sonic the ability to change directions after each homing attack was genius, I'll say. I also noticed he had the ability to stomp when you pressed down and the jump button. Nice touch.

Great level design, great music, great artwork. 10/10 can't wait for it.
I’m glad you enjoyed it!
Thanks for the feedback!
This was a very cool demo take on a SatAM game! Sonic leaving fire trails when he hits top speed was an awesome touch, and being able to Homing Attack in any direction (if Homing Attack was activated) was also cool, though the quicktime event for it felt unnecessary. I actually really liked Sally's gun, though I wish she could go as fast as Sonic when she's running (she is only able to reach that sort of speed while rolling, it seems). I can see this being a really cool project in the future!
I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I’ve seen the quick-time homing attack act as a real tripping point for a lot of people. I’ll definitely need to rethink this mechanic before the next SAGE.

I’ll probably raise Sally’s speed cap from the Sonic 1 limit to the Sonic 2 one in the next demo.

Thanks for your feedback!
Sonic SatAM-based, huh? Yeah, I can see that in spades~ It's quite the bit of nostalgia, since I grew up watching some of the first season~

High points:
-Both characters control well and the stages themselves are fun to romp through~
-You made a working shop that doesn't feel out of place for the typical Sonic gameplay. That, by itself, is cool.

Tripping Point:
-You weren't kidding when you said it was a short demo. Kinda wish there was at least a third stage or something, since the entire demo's done in about five minutes.

Minor nitpicks
-So during the second bossfight, I managed to clip through the ceiling after thrashing Snively. lol? That's what I get for spinning around in that arena too long, I guess~
Thanks for playing the game!

I’m glad you enjoyed the first zone. And I am rather proud of that shop..

Yeah... sorry about that. Maybe there’ll be more next SAGE. But if you want to play with it a little more, if you activate the level select (Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter,) you’ll have access to the original version of the Great Forest stage as well as a few downright unfinished ones. Be warned, there are reasons I didn’t include them in Arcade Mode.

Clipping through the ceiling? That’s not supposed to happen... Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Thank you for your feedback!
great game love the satam universe can't wait to see the full game! and maybe other projects you have in the future and glad you added use of controller I suck with keyboard lol