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Greetings! Sonic the Hedgehog DVD is a fan made-Sequel to Sonic CD, Currently using the Retro Engine.

We are using the Retro Engine [Sonic Mania] just to bring our thoughts and concepts to life without having to wait for our intended engine to be refined to the point where we can start developing the main game using it. Sometime in 2021, you will see it on a larger scale.

This is a fan sequel to Sonic CD.


What you need to know

1) Sonic DVD is currently a Sonic Mania Mod

2) Act 1 is incomplete, there is no goal post in act 1 so exit via the pause menu (the end has a bunch of monitors).

3) Act 2 is 100% complete and we highly encourage you to check out the many different routes available

4) We have a public Discord Server and Twitter account, If you are looking to find an alternate download off of the SAGE servers, come and visit! and

5) It seems some some people may have downloaded an outdated version (including streamers?). The Actual final build was uploaded to the booth one hour prior to SAGE opening, PLEASE MAKE SURE that your modloader shows version number "v1.1". if not, please redownload from our booth or from our discord server.


Story Intro

Team Credits

Box Art Cover 1 [JP/ER]


Box Art Cover 2 [USA]


Promotional Art 2020

Music Album Art Cover

Final statement from the Devs: Obviously please do not utilize any Sonic DVD assets like graphics and music for your own uses without consulting with DarkVampireDee (Head Developer). The whole team has poured lots of hard work into the project and it would be a shame to see stolen assets end up somewhere without any kind of credit.


Honestly a really amazing mod! I really enjoyed the music and presentation. The level design was no slouch either, though I did find the bubble section rather unenjoyable. Do keep up the good work, however!
Truly an amazing mod, I'm super stoked to see where this goes, and something about the overall vibe of this mod is just really pleasing, like rediscovering CD for the first time, but way better. Can't wait to see the SHC update!
Wow! Thanks for all the work you've done! Looks so ripe!
But dudes... I ragequit on the very first level O__O When I got into second underwater trap!
I'm sure they're not intentional but classic Sonic games never offended me that much:emoji_sweat_smile:

Keep it up!
I'll definitely return to finish a demo and will be waiting for a further updates.

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