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Sonic the Hedgehog: Brutus

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Sonic the Comic featured a villain named Brutus. He was a super badnik that was programmed with Robotnik's brain patterns. He didn't appear in many issues, but he left an impression on me. I wanted to take that character, expand on him, and see how he might fit into the games' canon.

This project is made in RPG Maker MV. I've been using the RPG Maker engines for years and it was a lot of fun to dive back in to familiar territory and just enjoy myself. With RPG Maker MZ on the horizon and my copy pre-ordered, this project might end up being my last hurrah for MV before moving to the newest version of the engine.

It's been an interesting challenge to make Sonic work as a traditional JRPG, but I think I've managed to strike a really good balance.

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how is the game progress now in 2023? Will the project still be continued?


New version uploaded, please redownload! Change log:
- Nerfed Ballhog's Bomb Toss move
- Fire Shields made you take 2x damage from fire attacks instead of the intended 0.5x damage. Oops
- Sonic now starts at level 2
- Player now starts with 3 1-Ups to revive allies
- Changed an item box to give you a 1-Up instead of a Water Shield
- Added extra save points
- Fixed a bug where hazards wouldn't damage you if you were already standing on their tile when they activated
- Enemies now have fixed patrol routes instead of moving randomly and will only chase you if you're in range and they can see you
- Added a background image to the credits
- Added a version number and date to the title screen
You don't know how long I've waited for a Sonic's RPG fangame like this. Thanks a lot! I'm looking forward to the next beta :)

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