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Sonic The Hedgehog Arkanoid


Sonic The Hedgehog Arkanoid

Hello. My name is André and I'm from Brazil. This is the first game I'm publishing in my entire life, please don't hate me. It's done using what I know about programming. I tried to represent Sonic The Hedgehog in arkanoid style in a simple way. When i was doing the game, i tried to make a simple software and a simple story. My inspiration was the Sonic Spinball game and the bonus phase of Sonic Mania that featured Sonic in pinball style. My idea came after seeing Sonic's bonus stages in Sonic's Mega Drive and Sega CD titles as well. Feel free to test it.


Dr. Eggman (also known as Dr. Robotnik) has developed a machine that got Sonic locked in the Special Stages, Sonic must collect all of the chaos emeralds to get out of this prison.


Arkanoid with Sonic The Hedgehog elements. The character is represented as a ball.

*Open the Sonic_The_ edgehog_Arkanoid.exe file to start the game

* Arrows to the left and right to move the bar
*Press ENTER to start again in Game Over
* Destroy all blocks to pass the stage
*100 points for each block destroyed
*Press "p" to pause and any key to continue
*You can win lifes if Sonic hits the top of the stage and destroy a block quickly
*Sonic gets faster with the time
*New Music Recorded
*You gain more bonus points depending the level you are. The more the level, more points.
These game songs are recordings of me playing the keyboard. Well, at least I tried to do something.


The second version of the game, i did some improvements

Link to download the game:


There is the second version, i did some improvements


My name's André, i would like to thank the videos tutorials that helped me.


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