SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Speed Course 2020 Demo



Following up the demo from last year, Sonic Speed Course returns with its second demo!

After a year we're proud to present a new demo for Sonic Speed Course, offering 12 new courses split across 2 worlds with new gimmicks to play with.

This time the game has health and lives. Can you beat each level before you run out and beat the staff scores?


Sharb - Programmer, 3D modeler, level designer
Twitter - Renhoex

Raina - Writer, Level designer
twitter - LilithRaina

Sophie - 3D modeler

Darkonius - Level designer
twitter - Darkonius64

take-a-nobu (Jess C.R.) - composer
soundcloud - take-a-nobu

Tiniest turtle - 3D modeler

Iyamwhatiyam - artist

hammer guy - play tester​
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