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Demo Sonic Skylight


As you may know, Sonic Skylight is being made in the Scratch coding engine. It originated from an idea that modern sonic gameplay could be in 2D, but still play smooth. Features are being decided on by our developers, but the demo of the game includes a stomp, air dash, boost, slide, and spin jump. Tails is not yet playable in the demo, but his currently decided features are a spin jump, flight, tailspin, and POSSIBLY ring bomb. Thanks to our awesome developers, Sonic Skylight will include an amazing title, an awesome menu, astonishing backgrounds, and great sprites. The full versions will also include a shop and hub world. Spoiler Alert! : I'm about to spoil the story, so if you want to wait until the game comes out to see it, don't read this next part. Sonic and Tails are napping under a tree in Green Hill when they are suddenly woken up by the sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning. The sky grows dark, as well as the clouds. Then, a large, round silhouette emerges from the clouds. It's the Death Egg! Sonic and Tails know Eggman is probably up to something again, so they set off to find the chaos emeralds and stop whatever plan he has! This fan game is completely nonprofit, and we are not making any money from it. The demo will be posted here when it releases.



Update #1: Shop sprites finished! Prepare to stack up rings, because the shop is almost ready to be in the next update!


V-Demon: Menus
Papichi05: Background Art & Code
Wolfi-Girl128: Background Art & Code
The_CardMaster: Ideas & Sprites
AstroArk: Item Sprites
ackreek: Cutscenes
oreomakes: Art
EAE_animator: Cutscenes
And thanks to everyone who played the game or contributed to it!


Sonic Skylight in my opinion is a good game but with flaws, Some things from not being able to boost when the boost meter is clearly there or the first level being incredibly hard a first level is usually a tutorial stage to show how abilities work but when the abilities literally don't function that's a problem. I know there is entire team working on this Scratch project so I would find any excuse on how these could not be "fixed" any way don't take this comment as a hate comment as this is just constructive criticism.

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