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SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Robo-Blast! From The Past


Thanks a whole lot for playing during the SAGE 2022 week!
You can follow for future updates for WINDOWS , ANDROID , and IN BROWSER on the GameJolt page!

A remake of 2 classic fangames from 1998 on a new engine in "standard definition 480p widescreen" with rad new features!
While hilarious in retrospective and very primitive for today's standarts, these were quite impressive for their time because of large amounts of levels and secrets!
The original versions were notoriously broken to the point of being almost unplayable and i wanted to try and fix that, while adding some new stuff and accessibility options on top, but keeping "the spirit", i've seen quite a few people wanting to try out these games and so i'm hoping to deliver on that someday and more




What's ready as of now:
  • 23 levels carefully recreated
  • 10 skins
  • Some of the cutscenes, side modes, special stages and all that
  • Sick new menus with rocking MIDIs
  • Tiny bit of new bonuses
  • Very cool INI file technology, because i still haven't made a settings menu
Estimated completion:
- SRB1
- SRB2
- Extra games (2)
- New content

Original games by Sonikku - Johnathan Wallbank and SSNTails - A.J. Freda
Ayleen_Seraph - Cover art and some other art
dajumpjump - Logo
Other credits are ingame, please check 'em out!
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Latest reviews

Well, I can't say much other than to say this is a remake of two old games in a way better engine, and to be honest that's a very smart move, to put them all in a compilation with extra meat to make the experience more worthwile.
For full disclosure I have no experience with the original games, but I think this is very close to them as far I can judge.
I am hoping to see a framework for custom skins and the entire games soon enough, I am looking forwards to it.
I'm gonna say it. This remaster is a perfect way to experience SRB1 (and SRB2's TGF version) in all its glory, minus the unplayably uncomfortable gameplay from the originals. This feels great to play and I want to see this project finished asap! Some minor nitpicks though. Maybe make the moment when you pick up bubbles more noticeable as it's not convenient to notice only by sound cues. And in Ice Palace, the Eggman boss can make you get hit after you hit him, but will still be in his hitbox after bouncing. Also, was it really necessary to recreate the useless ring loss? Perhaps make it like classics as a quality-of-life improvement. Besides that, this is an awesome recreation, unlike another remake by SNick which only has its zones and the name from the original SRB1. Can't wait for the finished project!
Having pretty much grown up with SRB1, you pretty much made the best possible remaster it could get. SRB1 and SRB2 TGF feel like as you remember them, with widescreen and the more frustrating bugs removed entirely. I also appreciate some of the little adjustments made here and there.

The bonus content is good too! The new levels are pretty neat and feel straight out of 1998. I also greatly appreciate that you can play as the SRB1 Special sprite. The whole history of SRB's TGF era is perfectly represented.
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ADDENDUM: The game is now even better. Go to skins, go two spots below the last skin for the greatest feature in any video game


My real only complaint is that there should be a checkpoint on the rising lava room in Volcano Zone

I know that the levels need to keep their spirit and stuff but its like really annoying to make one mistake and going to go all the way back and do the entire section again please

Otherwise epic game
I initially just played it as a joke, but it's actually REALLY cool to see how SRB2 started firsthand. This is a rad project, nice work man!

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