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Sonic Resurrection is my very first fan game being constructed by Game Maker Studio 2. I am totally dedicated to this game and to those who love the demo, I intend to finish it before starting ANY OTHER GAME! I know Sonic Resurrection will take a long time to finish, but I will keep posting updated demos for you all to play. When the game is complete, I will cease releasing demos, remake all the acts (bosses will be the same) and publish it again. I hope you enjoy the new version.

To the fans of sonic who long for the old days (I.E, when sonic didn't have a homing-attack and/or boost), I'm going to release another version of Sonic Resurrection called "Sonic Resurrection - Generations Reborn" in which I will remove his boosting ability and homing attack. When I am completely done I do plan to rip my engine from my game and make it available to all the young sonic game makers who are just beginning to use Game Maker Studio 2.

Once again, the demo, only consists of 3 Acts and a single Boss Act. Sadly, because of my inexperience, only one save file can be created and it is saved in the "appdata" directory (due to GMS2 being sandboxed).View attachment 2372


Please leave comments on my youtube channel, Sonicspirit4ever
Or Contact me at [email protected]
I appreciate all help, comments and criticism

I'm sorry, my file happened to be a bit over 500 mb, so
Mirror Download link :!WqZm2KrD!6gy0enJRQ1DbDu180J--uBygfy6rB21ei5M5Z8xvkBE

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