Sonic Rediscovery

Project Overview

Rediscovery will try to rework Sonic Mania Plus to feel more like a beta idea for Mania (so no GHZ etc.) with some extra ideas from me.

In this demo:
  • Title screen preview
  • One fully completed act - Macro Jungle (Studiopolis downtown)
In the final version:
  • New plot implemented
  • About 5+ new acts
  • more polish in existing arts and levels
  • new cut-scenes
  • original level layout overhaul
  • added music remixes
  • "Rule change" for Encore Mode + aftermath story, where everything will turn 180 degrees around
  • and more!
Level ideas so far:
  • Trains, farmlands. old town and big chains in the bg
  • Macro Jungle.
  • Minecraft.
  • Hamsters.
  • Null Space kinda
*This mod is recommended for community_beta version of the game
Have fun!

Macro Jungle was partly inspired by RadicalSoda's sketch, that he came up with like in 5 minutes

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

Psssst... There's also sprite test zone in encore mode.


Creator: MichMaster

Special thanks:
Carey: Title screen bg
CodenameGamma and Bones Burger: Entity unlock codes

Music composed by:
DJ Deckstream


Yikes. Most of (i hope) colission is fixed in version 1.01, but I don't have enough time to fix level design and palette.

Anyway, thanks for comment!

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