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This game is meant to look and feel like the Genesis games as much as possible, with most inspiration coming from Sonic 2 and Sonic CD. In this game, Dr. Robotnik has set up teleporters all over the world in order to build his empire in a flash. To do so, he has recruited Fang the Sniper, who is searching temples around the world for the Space Gems, mysterious stones that allow the user to warp space around them. Sonic and crew set out to stop them.

Sonic has the new Buzzsaw ability! Press jump again while in the air to spin into buzzsaw shape, cutting enemies in half, deflecting projectiles, and opening up secret paths.

So far, the game has 11 zones, 10 of which are completed. It's expected to release in 2017.


New verision uploaded on October 2nd.

-Adjusted Sonic's acceleration and turning to be much more similar to the original games
-Adjusted Sonic's jump height to be slightly higher
-Adjusted Sonic's top speed to be higher
-Adjusted the sprite rotation angles so that Sonic won't flicker between angles for 1-2 frames while on certain slopes
-Completely redid the spindash, making it more similar to Sonic 2

-Made it so that sideways springs will flip the player in the opposite direction
-Changed the hit-box on the buzz saw of the first boss to be more accurate and forgiving
-Fixed a bug where jumping after hanging on a rope would force the player into a buzzsaw attack
-Fixed a bug where jumping onto the top of a sideways spring would bounce the player
-Fixed a bug where the credits screen would sometimes change the screen resolution back to the default​

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

Panic Precipice Zone

Green field style quintessential first Sonic level.

Forest Freeway Zone

Towering trees, a maze of knotholes and leaves.

Snowstorm Shuffle Zone

A snowy mountain. Get snowboards from the monitors!

Starworld Zone

A space themed carnival. Ride in rockets and grab onto UFOs!

Underground Zone

The first level from Sonic 2 on Game Gear and Master System, reimagined.

-Secret Zone
I want to leave this zone as a surprise, but it's a throwback to an obscure older Sonic title.

Railroad Zone

Ride trains, run along the tracks, blow up machinery.

Eggman Empire Zone

Take on Metal Knuckles, Puppet Tails, and Metal Sonic in a rundown old city.

Aireal Aeolian Zone


Cosmic Crackers Zone



Main development:

Original Engine:

Vijay Van Der Weijden

Latest reviews

I liked really much what I had heard on a youtube video, but the game was totally unplayable for me, running really slow.
I see a soul behing the project, and I do like it, but you have to think harder on everything, not just feel it.
Engine, man :(
And why the hell you need the saw-spin? That's a childish gimmik. Even the one who enjoys it will dump it in 5 minutes. Maybe you should add such a move on a separate stage, to be just for kicks. And the other one will be something else? But you can go way too much on this.
So... Please, Megaspit. Start to think hard. Really hope to play your game some time
It was running smooth before when i downloaded the newest demo just now.. but now for some reason, it runs very slow like the other version on my CRAPPY LAPTOP!. Couldn't beat the 2nd act of railroad rampage! WHY? bad auto scroll! bad enemy placements, bad movement. bad balancing. The worst part THERE'S NO CONTROLLER SUPPORT!!!!!!!! Why does this game have no controller support!?!?!? Why are you still using keyboards to play this game. We dont need to use keyboards to play fangames anymore!!! We have controllers for crying out loud, dude! Many other sonic fan games that run on game maker 8 and or studio i played have controller support! So why does this fangame NOT!?!? Also the screen resoulution keeps changing from fullscreen back to window screen. Every time the level resets or went to another level! Cant you just port this game to game maker studio!?
Sunset Park.


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