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To get this out the way now, Sonic Open World style doesn't have an actual open world, or at least one you'd expect, it's mainly a setup. I started this experiment last year to see about making an game with open world MMORPG elements with high speed Sonic action. Each mode in the game is based on thing you would do in an open world setting.

The first mode, Open World style, places you in Stardust Speedway with a huge map. You'll be told right away to do missions such as destorying groups of robots, taking down a spawner, and protecting a G.U.N. to name a few, and after completing it, you do more missions from there until you beat the boss in the end.

Metal Fall is based on and named after the Ark Fall events from and MMO game called Defiant. The major ark fall events were my favorite events in the game where, if you decided to join in, would travel to the location of the event and join other players, and as the event goes on, more and more players travel together to locations to kill more enemies and monsters till you fight the big bad at the end of it. Metal Fall is kinda like that, where you fight against big groups of enemies and bosses with NPCs characters, the majority aren't palayble and just copied files from one of my other projects, Sonic Adventure Revolution. It's pretty chaotic but I tried making the levels large enough for you to stray from the pack if you wanted to, though you'll have more enemies to deal with solo. This is a new mode recently added to showcase here for SAGE.

Sonic Defense is a past experiment of mind and what this mod original was before I added the other modes. You fight along spawning chao to take out Robotnik's spawners until you destroy the master spawner at the end of 3 levels. If the badniks destroy the chao spawner, you fail the mission and have to play it over.

I do have plans to add an actual open world to this game, it's simply a matter of getting to it, but this is it for now. A how to Play file is included with the download.


This was such an awesome game! I usually download FNaF and Sonic games, play a bit, and delete it when I'm done. But the awesome blend of graphics, music and fight sequences was so cool I just had to know - how did you do it?

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