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Sonic On Rush


The folder includes the game, a .mfa file, and the logo.
This is just little demo, it includes a short level of Sky Sanctuary Zone.
There are 4 characters in the game: Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, Blaze and Lilac.
With these buttons can switch characters in-game:
0 - Classic Sonic
1 - Blaze
2 - Modern Sonic
4 - Lilac
The story is gonna be like this:
The Phantom Ruby wasn't destroyed, and it opened several portals to dimensions, which are the Sol Dimension, Mania Dimension and Avalice. The Phantom Ruby made contact with the Chaos Emeralds, the Sol Emeralds and the Kingdom Stone, and created a powerful creature which wasn't seen before. Modern Sonic has to team up with his old friends, Classic Sonic, Blaze and a new friend, Lilac to stop the creature, and destroy the Phantom Ruby once and for all.

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good game its just great dunno what to say
I know making a game isn't easy but this right here is laziness at its finest.
This fangame is promising, it's a good idea to use the phantom ruby to bring together Blaze, 2 Sonics and a new character Lilac. But game is not optimized (PUBG run on my PC but your FG is laggy), level are blank. But after all it's just a demo, I'm sure it's gonna be much more better next year


Works with WINE under Ubuntu Linux 18.04 64-bit... all I can really say about this.
Anyone remember Sonic 1 My New Life? This reminds me of it. Looks like a sequel to it tbh.

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