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(Sonic Nega Genesis)

What Is Sonic NG?
NG is an experiment to bring two worlds together. Those two worlds being the Classic Era and Dreamcast Era.
The game is aiming to have classic sonic level design mixed with a 2005 sonic aethstetic in terms of design and sounds.

Plot Synopsis
Eggman has found a new source of power, and needs the Master Emerald to unlock it.
Can Sonic and crew stop him before it’s too late?

Sonic - Fastest thing alive.
Tails - Two tailed genius
Knuckles - Unlike Sonic he doesnt chuckle
Metal Sonic - A robot duplicate of Sonic created by Dr Eggman.
**Please note that Sonic is the only playable character at the moment.

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

There are somethings you should know about this demo before jumping in.
  1. Things like Grind Rails and new badniks have not been added yet
  2. A Homing Attack will be featured, but not in this demo


Speed - Project Leader
Critical Health - Composer and Arranger
TheGoku7729 - Spriter
Glitchy - Spriter
sociopart1 - Menu/Hud designer
Ricky - Spriter, Level Designer
(Credit to SonicStalker for the Adventure Style Item Box)
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Latest reviews

The game needs to be improved, the level desing is too empty and short.
But with work it could become a great game!
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I don't really know where to start because there are way too many things wrong with this game for me to list all of them. Like, it just feels like the whole game was made in an hour without much effort being put into it. You can tell that easiest from the level design, like there are barely any rings in the level and the whole thing feels really empty. And for some reason there's a scanline effect that doesn't even work properly.
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