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Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack is a total-conversion mod for Sonic Mania that marks the return of a plethora of classic levels, specifically ones considered to be sub-par. The zones have all been updated with new graphics, level designs, and gimmicks to make them feel fresh and fun to play.

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Since SAGE 2020 ended, I decided to cover this mod for a good reason and this is probably one of the great ones. The Misfit Pack is an unofficial DLC mod that remastered zones in a fun and interesting way without making the zones a bit hard. When I say a DLC I mean it, this mod is like Sonic Mania (Oil Ocean Zone and Metallic Madness Zone) that reimagines zones that add the best twist. This will be my review for the Sonic Mania mod (aka DLC if you called it :P).

Hill Top Zone:
The first act is basically the same except that the moveable platforms are replaced with moving lines. The only difference being is that the final part of the zone has moved to a second act. When playing Knuckles, you are moved to the top of the map that is likely a reference to the original map for the Knuckles in Sonic 2.

The second act is very interesting with the background having the hilltop along with other hills, as well as recurring enemies from Sonic 3 and Mania, which is ok the most part. The new gimmick I was not expected is the bouncy clouds which possibly reference to Sky Sanctuary Zone clouds though they do seem to be rotating and just for platforming.

Overall, a great zone with the second act being more positive though I was ok with what it is.

Aquatic Ruin Zone:
I always thought this zone was fine the way it is, but it is interesting in the second act, though I wanted to cover the first act. So, the first act combines two acts from the first zone with the exception of the driller enemy that apparently didn't break the wall like in the original zone but I thought it was good and falling debris from the underwater section has been replaced with spikes for some reason.

The second act gets very interesting and I thought it looks like an actual ruin filled with many waterfalls and I was shocked, really really shocked. This act combines Hydrocity Zone and Marble Garden Zone for multiple reasons: the background is a prototype version of the former zone, the moveable boats from Sonic Mania version, and many gimmicks from the latter zone (i.e. Pulleys and Giant Spinning iron balls). I'm surprised to see the vines and horizontal Springs getting recurring here. Overall, a much better and a beautiful zone with the best music in my opinion.

Labyrinth Zone:
Now I'm gonna be bias here, I'm not too keen on what they did in the first act. Essentially, it's a combination of 2 acts, and the other act from the final one is moved to the second one. The reason I'm biased is that it didn't fix any of the issues I was having but I think the platforms are fast and lots of bubble shield so I'm okay with it. Also, I noticed the chomper thing wasn't really Mania-y?

Now the second act is a very great man. Tidal Tempest tubes are occurring here and the outside of the second act is much beautiful, it's like I'm seeing a nighttime version of Labrythin Zone and the rising water platform which is very interesting. I am not too keen on the third act being here but that's just how Mania did it.

Overall, great music and great gimmicks too though I am not sure how I felt about the first act.

Wacky Workbench Zone:
Damn, who I knew that this zone has made into this mod. An overrated zone in Sonic CD, this level has been reworked similar to Metallic Madness. The first part of Wacky Workbench is the same except with bumpers from Collision Chaos and the whole reworked of the act that doesn't have too many bouncy tiles and more of a platforming. Mic Drop and Poh-Bee enemies are there, with the former being a reference to the other enemy from the original zone.

The second act is a whole new level. Now it's an actual act that doesn't make it too confusing, to say the least. Yellow platforms from the original zone now do not bounce and the use of the Lightning Shield on a bouncy platform in the air is confusing to me. Also, gotta love the Spike wheel and the Checkpoint wheel, it's funny and interesting at the same time. Now I'm shocked to see Bumpers have put on electrical conduit on it is interesting and someone deserve that credit man.

Oh yeah, the bosses are the same as the Mania version of Flying Battery Zone except the Eggman boss' theme being a remixed of the Sonic Spinball boss theme. Overall, I enjoyed the mod's rendition of the zone, even if it's not wacky enough but it's still plenty satisfactory.

In conclusion, I always thought it was frustrating at first but once I replayed it, it became clear that it was so much more fun and entertaining than in the original game's zone. It was surprisingly entertaining and when the next zones were added, I'll be there to check it out. Giving it an 8.9 / 10 score.

P.S. I see where the mask quotes don't lie to me.
People play games to escape reality, not be reminded of how horrifying it is. So piss off with your "wear a mask" shit, we fucking know already.
That said, this mod is awesome, definitely the best of the mod submissions for SAGE 2020. The music especially is godlike. Though the recycled bosses are a bit lame, I'd prefer the levels just end like Labyrinth Zone's acts do.


Sonic Mania just makes all the levels better than the original because Sonic has moves. So, like use peel out with wacky workbench. And use any move you want with the other three.

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