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Sonic Liquid Survival (Demo 1)

Average User Rating:
  • [​IMG]

    Sonic faced many dangers before, but now, he will have to face a new one... hunger. In this 3D, Adventure-like game, Sonic will be stranded on a deserted island and it's up to him to build a settlement and find other castaways, who were prisoners on Egg Carrier before it crashed. And most important, survive. However, the island has keys to many mysteries, including origins of the original Phantom Ruby...

    This 3D Sonic fangame is style of Sonic Adventure is aiming to create engaging level design with dozens of alternate paths and zero boost pads. This game brings Classic-like physics which can be used to reach new paths, elemental shields, new Special Stages, multiple playable characters with unique abilities designed with S3&K/Mania/Advance philosophy and heavy focus on story.


  • [​IMG]
  • Demo 1 brings:
    - 2 stages, each with their boss fights.
    - 9 characters with unique abilities! Sonic can use Elemental Shields, Metal Sonic can use Lightspeed Dash, Blaze can explode her feet to go faster or double jump, Mighty can stomp and has much stronger bounce and Classic Sonic can use Drop Dash. Other characters are unifinished, but will get more abilities in the future.
    - Boss fights, setpieces and other elements of level design more like official games than 3D fangames.
    - 1 Special Stage like you never seen before! Use physics and your drive to explore to unlock Chaos Emeralds!
    - Boss Rush with 5 stages
    - Great music, none of which was in Sonic games so it might sound like new

    And exclusively for this demo...
    - Lost World Mode for Silver! If you'll play as Silver, gravity points where you was last standing... Experiment with broken gravity, experiencing the game like never before!

    In the full game:
    - Engaging storyline, designed for the most knowledgeable Sonic fans and to develop characters even further
    - Upgradable hub village, which won't be intrusive to the core gameplay
    - New Chao system
    - Even more characters and new abilities
    - More elemental shields

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Recent User Reviews

  1. ScropeX68
    I've been playing this game for days. At the beginning I wasn't so interested in this game. Now it's one of my favourite Sonic fan games. The idea is great. I thought at the beginning that the Special Stage is impossible turns out that it was WAY PAST COOL! I found all the hidden text messages. And I'm really excited for the future releases! I know it's just Demo 1 but it's WAY PAST COOL!

    Also, can you please give me a list of what are the titles of the musics that were used in the game? (They're very cool to be honest)
  2. Johnathan Wise
    "A decent, but concerning project"
    Overall, this demo achieves decent level design, good ideas, and overall feels fun. However it needs much more work in order to make it feel concrete in its ideas, to which this demo fails at doing. While the environment succeeds being a wasteland, its success comes from the unpleasant way the terrain is used and the level design is hurt by it. Movement feels off at certain points and can get very sloppy. While I like how certain characters have different abilities, none of these abilities have no real benefit since the level design does not cater to their abilities overall still feel very much the same despite this. With that, I feel as though this projects goals feels too unfocused and too ambitious for its own good. I feel the creator is biting off more than what they can chew if they plan on making characters feel drastically different from one another, to which they will also need much more polish to feel good enough to play. Overall, this demo is fun but its future is concerning.
    Gnidel likes this.
    1. Gnidel
      Thanks for the review!

      I admit, I rushed the graphics, so they will improve in the future versions. You said that level design is hurt by unpleasant use of terrain... it's something I will take to heart, as it helped me understand feedback from other people better. I viewed graphics and level design as two separate things. This realization might be helpful in the future.

      I tried to make characters not too different just to avoid what you described, overambition, so I won't do anything too drastic like Adventure games. More like classics, where it's mostly the same but with extra flavor. Storyline (where you choose a character between stages, one for them all) will also try to tell more with environments to avoid creation of too many cutscenes. I'll try better to add variety between characters. More since stage 4, because it will be after unlocking a hub world and ability to recruit characters.

      Thanks, your feedback will be helpful!
  3. Dashaque
    "Better than I expected"
    I see a lot of potential in this. The characters control very well and are unique to one another, the levels have a lot of areas to explore, there isn't instant pit deaths everywhere and the bosses aren't too shabby either. The whole thing seems pretty creative and I didn't run into too many bugs. At one point I was standing on some water, but I was by a spring so maybe there was a platform I couldn't see?

    My main complaint is just that the levels aren't very appealing to look at. They're very drab and just kinda lifeless. I know it's supposed to be some kind of deserted island, but it'd really help a lot if you could spruce it up a bit. Brown and green just don't make the best visuals.

    Other than that, I'm looking forward to more. Good luck.
    Johnathan Wise and Gnidel like this.
    1. Gnidel
      Thanks for the review!

      Graphics will improve. I decided to rush them to get special stages and the second stage and third stage on time and I still didn't finish the third one. It would save me so many questions "why liquid"? :-D

      And with that platform, I noticed many people struggled with noticing shapes of crystals they walked on. I'm working on polishing the stage to avoid this while adding appeal to visuals and new gimmick to the stage.


User Comments

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  1. Jyrz
    I didn't expect that music but it was a few good tracks. I streamed this while I let another fan game, Sonic Overcharged, load so I was surprised that they both used the same engine. As far as fan games go, it felt pretty decent, but the levels end up looking like quickly made student levels with an over use of the sculpt brush on the landscape. Things just sort of seem placed in random chucks of forcefully connected islands. On the plus side, I really like the character variety. Even if this was just a sandbox, I'd have fun just running around as the various characters in an open field.
  2. Johnathan Wise
    @Grindel, chances are that you wont see this comment but I want to bring you awareness to this humble bundle:

    This bundle contains many high quality assets, some are visual scripting like Flowcanvas which brings a system like the blueprints system in UE4, some can help with the terrain issues like Gaia (a very good asset btw that's priced at $67 in the store and pretty much makes high quality terrain within minutes), and much more along with some games for only $15. This can help you develop better environments for your game.
      Gnidel likes this.
    1. Gnidel
      I am reading this too late. :<
      But thanks for consideration.
      Gnidel, Sep 20, 2018
      Johnathan Wise likes this.
  3. Ercore
    9/10 better than expected though i think liquid wouldn't fit in due to sonic being afraid of water.
      Gnidel likes this.
  4. cathaldahero
    sounds cool
      Gnidel likes this.