Sonic Legends - True Sunset Shore (Currently labelled in-game as "Hand Sanitizing Station Legends") is a modification for Sonic Mania that replaces both acts of Green Hill Zone with Sunset Shore Zone from the 2008 labor day demo of Sonic Nexus. Unlike previous “releases” featured in older versions of Mania mod-turned-original fan project Sonic Legends, which was designed completely from scratch, this version of the Zone was fully ported over from Nexus, with specific changes where applicable(i.e substitution for gimmicks that couldn’t be ported over, addition of Special Rings, etc.). Run through the original two acts released over ten years ago and uncover brand new, never-before-seen alterations made to the Zone as you beat up Badniks and slap some sense into giant mechs!

This modification was made to accompany the launch the new RSDK/REMS section for Sonic Fan Games HQ, alongside giving myself the opportunity to close off a chapter from the legacy version of Sonic Legends by making this the most faithful port as it could possibly be.

After a full year since Legends distanced itself from Mania, we would like to welcome you to the True Sunset Shore!


23-02-2020 - True Version pre-release

This update was supposed to come out at a later date, but the attached file got removed while editing the page for the new update. Expect patches within the coming weeks!

- Changed Badnik placement, hopefully not as punishing now!
- Altered level layout, adding more flow and incentivizing other characters
- Aesthetical changes, a lot more aesthetical changes to make it feel less incomplete.
- Hands sanitized

11-28-2019 - Initial Release Version



ScarlyNight - Mod developer
Rubberduckycooly - For porting over the two acts from Nexus
Drawbits - additional "idea guy", additional spriting
ShibaM - additional spriting
Jubbalub - basically nicked the disclaimer screen we worked on at the last minute, only for it to go unused in the new version!

Special Thanks
Brad Flick for his original layout. It still rocks, chief!
Hunter Bridges for his old music currently featured in both acts. Please check out his content here!
RGX for making the Nexus intro, a shot of which is used on the disclaimer screen
The rest of the old Nexus Team, for attempting to recreate Classic Sonic to its fullest!
The Sonic Legends Dev and QA Teams for their amazing help!

For more updates on Legends itself, please follow us on Twitter, or join our Discord Server!



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