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Hello everyone

I would like to share with you my fan game project. It is called Sonic LaserDisc and it is a tribute to Sonic CD.
I've added some ideas in order to have a Sonic Game with exploration and puzzle based on time travel.

The game will feature 7 main zones and some "Finals" zones and bosses

In each main zone Player will have to follow 5 steps in order to complete the game at 100%
1) Go through the zone to unlock next zone
2) Finish the zone with 50 rings to open a Time warp to the (bad) future
3) Go through the zone in the bad future and beat Robotnik to unlock full Time Travel capacity
4) Find Robotnik's Machine hidden in the past to make a good future in the zone (Player may have to solve puzzles based on time travel)
5) Go to the (good) future and win the "Emerald Race" (Time Attack) to get a Chaos Emerald

In addition, there will be 3 differents powers to unlock in the game. Those powers will allow player to use items like Electric Shield or Bubble Shield that will be mandatory to go in some parts of the game.
Player will also be able to teleport in order to go back to already visited zones with unlocked powers.

I've no website. I share the first level Demo here. To test it just unzip it on launch "Sonic LaserDisc.exe".

Hope you will enjoy it!



V 0.1:
1st release (Menu and 1st level)

V 0.2:
Addition of the 2nd level
Fix bugs with the speed of the game
Addition of french language

V 0.3:
Addition of the 3rd level
Addition of DPAD Support
Addition of Zoom command on R and L Trigger
Fix a bug on Timer


Alls assets and characters belongs to SEGA

Created by Antoine Berthoz

Powered by Sonic Realm 0.4.0
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Latest reviews

A fun game based on Sonic CD's mechanics but makes a rather interesting twist on them - the levels are more simple than usual Sonic and rather linear, but also large and overall, this game reminds me of flash games. I like some visual choices - the more deadly badniks in Bad Future, a much better water color palette in all areas and the game is just plain fun. It recycles CD's assets a bit too much, but overall, it's a good fangame.
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what the fuck
Why is dintntupdate the game?


I really enjoyed this game, due to the crazy paths and interesting puzzles that do not slow the gameplay so much. My criticism here goes more to the aesthetics because there's non-collision stuff that looks solid, especially on the forest level; and the visual choices for level layout, the tileset pieces, and HUD scaling seem irregular. Overall, I hope you go on this project, I'm looking forward to this.
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This is a bold concept but I worry there may be too many bottomless pits (especially in the ice level) for a game that seems to want to be based around exploring. In general Sonic himself seems to be holding you back in designing this game, like there are too many steps involved in getting from one time period to another just because you're trying to do things similarly to how Sonic CD did them. Focus on the parts of Sonic gameplay that contribute to the puzzle game you're trying to build and be less afraid of getting rid of the others.
i didn't think i'd see anyone else use Sonic realms. nice work getting it to work!

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