Sonic & Knuckles : Newtrogic Panic

Project Overview

S&K Newtrogic Panic is a 2D sonic fangame where story take place after knuckles' Chaotix bad ending.

What's New ?

DEMO 3 , CORE Edition
Now this fangame was powered by CORE engine ( framework ). and Everything in this demo get Revamped.
that mean this demo was completely different from SAGE 2019 version. But this demo have only 1 act of first zone.
Other zone need to get rework , so it'll take some time.
( yep , I killed derpy snoc and knux too. )

Screenshots and media!

: Screenshots ( new demo ) :

Bonus Content

I'm one of Nihil's CORE artist too. CORE engine will use for Nihil fangame in future. So you may see some similar artstyle that look like mine.


Project Owner/Developer/Art : Tyson Tay ( or Meetten )
Programer/CORE owner : Nihil

Latest reviews

Honestly, this fan-game is fun and definitely has some neat and interesting ideas. Of course, as some people have already pointed out, there's some unfair level design (such as springs that send you into enemies. Don't do that, pretty annoying). This fan-game can be a bit difficult, and the saws have a broken hitbox. You kinda need to fix it. Also, I'm not a big fan of the sprites for this fan-game for sonic and knuckles and the enemies. I'm ok with you editing the sprites from their originals, but the bevel effect isn't a good effect to use on them.
My main problem with the enemies is that they look out of place. All of the other sprites in the area are defined, but the enemy's sprite is blurry, undefined, and not fixed which is what makes it out of place.
Lastly, I think the explosion effects are overused here, and I think they need to be toned down a bit.

With all that in mind though, I'm still able to have fun in this, but it's not perfect and needs work. I hope this review helps.
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S&K Newtrogic Panic can become one of the best fan games along with Sonic Time Twisted and Sonic XG.

Some problems make this a imperfect thing examples are sonic sprite colors, some bugs with Knuckles, level desing very awkward but is not a mess and changes can make this a great demo and congratulations for making this.

P.S. I love tha stages animations they are lovely.
Well that was... something.

Honestly this game is kind of a mixed bag for me. I don't think it's bad... but it needs some work. For starters, in Sonic's levels, it'd be nice if we could turn off the explosions and ground shaking. That's kind of distracting when you're trying to beat the level.

Also... some of the level design is just... a little unfair. Too many times I hit a spring and was rammed into an enemy or some spikes. I don't know why so many fan games do this and think it's a good idea... it's not. Please don't do that. It's incredibly frustrating.

On the other hand, Knuckles levels were great. Amazing in fact. Weirdest Workbench was one of the best ideas for a level I've ever seen. Good layout and great enemies. My one grief with the level was the hitboxes on the rotating saws. On the parts where you have to climb and avoid them... it was quite difficult due to the poor hit boxes on them... however those parts could be skipped so it didn't ruin the experience.

I'd maybe tone down Sonic's first level. Maybe take away some of the swinging spiked balls, and have less explosions in the background. Knuckles levels seemed really solid though. I can tell this game has potential, it just needs some extra love. Good luck.


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