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Sonic Journey

Project Overview

Sonic Journey is a fangame I've been working on for the past many months. Running on Unity, it uses a completely original engine not directly based on any previous 3D Sonic fangames. It boasts some robust features, like online multiplayer, custom level support, even a more advanced camera system! It also features a powerful importer for Blitz Sonic stages, giving you access to countless levels from 3D Sonic fangame history.

Gameplay takes great inspiration from the Sonic Adventure games, with tight control on Sonic to make for a better experience. With online multiplayer you can play with anyone around the globe, allowing for you to share the experience with up to 32 of your closest friends!

One thing I've been tackling very hard is modding support, as well. Even without the source code, you can easily create new and complex levels for the game. To make online very friendly with modding, you can also download stages from the server, making it very easy to even play with people using mods you don't have. I believe this centralization of modding focusing on a single game with easy distribution and powerful support will make it a good option for future developers to try and work with before, or instead of, making their own game.

Screenshots and media!

Launch trailer:


Bonus Content

The Sonic model is the Runners model. Please stop complaining to me that I'm using the Forces model when I'm not.
All the animations are original and made by me. Some of them look nicer than others, but that's what happens when you have a programmer be tasked with making an entire game.
I really enjoy how the Extreme Gear came out, but I'm hoping people don't try to use it like Mario Kart and give up on it like they did in the original Sonic Riders. I put a lot of effort into making it feel very nice with the same spirit as the original Riders, so I do hope it's enjoyable, and people don't immediately give up on it.
The Blitz Sonic stages are another thing I'm very proud of. I had to write several custom model and image importers, and an XML parser for it, but it came out very nice.


Menu art by AGantt (
Contact me on Discord, either by the server:
Or send me a DM: Yacker#6704
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Latest reviews

Although this game does not have much quality, it is quite enjoyable, my favorite part is the combination of the "Sonic Runners" models with the "Sonic Adventure" gameplay. :emoji_smile:
Man this game is so much fun! One of the best 3D sonic fangames out there just for the controls alone. The amount of flow to your movement, when at top speed is amazing. The levels chosen were great, can't get enough of Emerald Coast. Speaking of Emerald Coast, this is one of the best ports of the stage that i have ever played, the main reason being the auto-running segments being implemented through (e.g.) the loops.
There is one small thing that i don't really like and that is the stiffness of the Extreme Gear in Twinkle Park. I get that is how Sonic Riders handled the gear, but there are some turns in Twinkle Park that i cant go round without hitting the wall. Apart from that samll gripe, this game is amazing!! Keep up the great work and i can't wait to see where this project heads in the future!!!!!!.
I like this quite a lot. I feel like you're on the verge of Sonic kind of Sonic Adventure remake or remaster. It's a great engine for Sonic overall. It isn't overly complicated and is totally momentum based which is what I think Sonic needs more of these days. Sonic is a little bit slippery when he's going fast. I had difficulty controlling him through narrow spaces, but it wasn't a deal breaker.

I'd love to see more of this and have more levels imported.


I'm most impressed that somebody went off that idea of combining Classic Sonic's proportions with Modern Sonic's features. However, Sonic controls a bit slippery when moving around at low speeds. I also feel he's too close to the camera. Now if the level artwork had some more polish, we'd have a potential SA Remaster on our hands.
Although this game does not have much quality, it is quite enjoyable, my favorite part is the combination of the "Sonic Runners" models with the "Sonic Adventure" gameplay. :emoji_smile:

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