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Sonic Heights is an online multiplayer fangame that aims at making a Sonic MMO game out of Sonic Jump's original concept, mixed with traits from the original Genesis/Megadrive games! With many characters and each having their own special abilities, unique level layouts, and, most importantly, the online multiplayer! As you get more height on the level, other players can make you fall down, making your way up even harder. You can try to team up with some, or bring friends and get some height together! Obviously, this game is more aimed on the platforming side of Sonic more than the speed side. The visuals are all Genesis/Megadrive styled, except some elements such as the HUD or the whole menu, which are completely original and modern visuals! The engine was made from scratch and the game is being made both by a single person, so the development isn't the fastest, but I have a lot of ambition and ideas, and I hope this fangame will keep going for a long time!
You can download the game on this page or on the GameJolt page right here:
Or even on the page:

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Project Director, Programming, Level Design: Craze

Sprites, Assets: SEGA, Xenoko, Dolphman, Egg Master

Soundtrack: DDprod (, Onyx (

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An interesting game, but it gets boring quickly. I played with my subscribers. I would like to diversify it with new levels, characters, mini-games.
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Thank you for the review! New content is coming soon.
This game shines when you're with other players, it's like a flock of chickens trying to find their way around. It's quite funny seeing players fall down or knocking them down too LOL.
The level was extremely confusing, I got lost and turned off the game because of that. Also unsure if a glitch or not but music would be nice. Another idea would be text chat, but I'm not sure how you'd moderate that.
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Thanks for the review! The level is pretty much still a test level at this point, I didn't bother too much with the level design yet. There is indeed no music, I don't have an original track so I didn't want to use an already existing music but i'm gonna have to go this way it seems like... i'm considering a text chat, also not sure how I would moderate it tho...
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Chrome says "virus detected" after downloading the game, and automatically cancelled the download, what is this???

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