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Sonic Galactic - SAGE 2020 Showcase Demo

General Information

Hello, and welcome to the page! This page will have a few things written about our project so that you can get a general gist of what's been cooking up!

About Sonic Galactic

Sonic Galactic is a 2D Fan-game inspired by the Classics. Taking a more "Saturn" approach with its art direction, Galactic aims to be a sort of continuation to where the classics left off. Aiming to follow the classics, Galactic features new zones, brand new sprites, and a new character! This energetic mole is more than willing to join the team in their battle against Dr. Eggman!

This has been a fangame under the works for about 3 years, and is currently using Hatch Game Engine, an engine built from the ground up with accuracy perfectly replicating the classics.


The group assembles! These 5 are the ones responsible for putting an end to Eggman's plans this time around.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The blue blur filled with attitude, Sonic's always itching to embark on a new venture! With the prolonged absence of Dr. Eggman after their last battle, he starts to gain a false sense of security during his vacation, little does he know of what was to come...

Miles "Tails" Prower: Sonic's closest ally and most trusted friend, this curious fox is always willing to follow alongside Sonic in his adventures! After scanning the badniks that disturbed their vacation, Tails (alongside Sonic) make haste for their source location, Dr. Eggman!

Knuckles the Echidna: The steadfast protector of Angel Island and the Master Emerald. Knuckles quickly caught on to Dr. Eggman's resurfacing with the badniks that attacked Angel Island. None of them coming to target the Master Emerald raised Knuckles' suspicion well enough. Understanding what this meant, Knuckles meets up with Sonic and co. to take Dr. Eggman down for good.

Fang the Sniper: This cunning weasel always has a plan to make himself a bountiful profit (most of them to his detriment...). Fang didn't take too kindly to being abandoned in the Atomic Destroyer by Dr. Eggman, so he's teamed up with Sonic and co. to take him down... for purely selfish reasons and rewards, of course!

Tunnel the Mole: This excitable young mole is adventurous and always up for a challenge! After noticing the abnormalities of Illusion Island caused by Dr. Eggman, Tunnel makes the decision himself to follow Sonic and co.'s trail after deciphering they're to be trusted to get to the bottom of what's going on!

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If you'd like to keep up with Galactic's progress, you can find us through Twitter! Here's our handle:

Latest reviews

this is just amazing!! cant wait for full game :D
This game is fantastic!! The game has so much potential. I saw some leaks on Twitter and the game looks very fantastic! I would pay to play, can't wait for the next demo/full game
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Same, the game looks so polished and Tunnel looks awesome!!! Only problem is kind of hard to play with keyboard, but I can get used to that. 10/10 across the board.
Absolutely fantastic. Probably one of the best Sonic 2D Fan games you will find. Great cast of characters and all of their abilities are fun to use. Fantastic artwork and level design.

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Hey Lilac, do you think I can post this onto MFGG? I think this game is great, and more people need to experience it. I will give you all credit.
I really like this game but feel that mostly everything good that could be said about this game has been so ill try to make this more directed towards more of the negatives and more small things so this will be mostly nitpicks and just some things that could be better since my last time playing this. Also prepare for spelling mistakes because I am pretty tired but wanted to make this review.


Sonic The Hedgehog

The generic character. Plays exactly like Mania Sonic which is nice. Some of his animations however need some work. His walking animation just looks off and definitely needs more frames and his running animation looks better but something about it just looks a little weird and I think its the spikes? But that's almost all my problems with Sonic. My least favourite character but that's not necessarily bad.

Miles Tails Prower

As per usual he's adorable and is easily my third favourite character in this game. I do however have a problem with his tails. They just change size majourly too much and yes the classic did this too but it was never as noticeable as it is here.

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles was originally my second favourite but I've changed my mind and he's now my fourth sadly. So I really like Knuckles sprites I really do but like tails I've noticed he has a problem with body proportions. Some of it is fine but it happens so much that when you take a good look you can't unsee it.

Fang The Sniper

I love Fang so I'm a little bias but Fang is my favourite character in this game. I love his sprite and how he's the tallest I love the personality in his animations I love his satisfying and so much more.

Tunnel The Mole

Tunnel recently has become my recent second favourite after playing with him more. I didn't really talk about the powers but I guess I have to here more. Tunnels power is extemely fun being able to plant himself into the ground and jump in mostly any direction and attach to walls. This power at first isn't that fun due to it being very situational in Sonic level but you get used to it and it becomes really fun finding other paths.


Verdant Isles Act 1/2

A interesting place for sure. I've seen fangames that do the first act is a grassy beach area and the second act is a forest so it idea wise isn't anything too new. However I will give Verdant Isles that the level looks extemely nice. The level design has its ups and downs and definitely needs some editing but overall is pretty good.


Pretty good. However it does get tiring after listening over and over to the music in this game bit thsts with most things.

And that's about it. I didn't make my new account that long ago (for my future projects down the road) and was pretty bored and thought I should get back into the swing of making reviews and thought I should start with my favourite classic sonic game from SAGE 2020. Anyway I hope the best for the project again sorry for the spelling mistakes I'm extemely tired but also bored at the same time and hopefully this helps with a few of the smaller things in this game specifically more sprite wise.

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