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Sonic Eternal (Demo)

Average User Rating:
  • [​IMG]
    • Upgrade: New zone and level select.
    Sonic Eternal is a demo based on Sonic 3 & Knuckles.


    Mecha Sonic returns and wants revenge on sonic, and it's up to Sonic to find the emeralds before he destroys everything in his path to show Robotnik that he should not be replaced.

    This demo contains 5 Zones.


    • Mystic Jungle Zone Act 1 and 2
    • Deep Glaciers Zone Act 1
    • Temple Ruins Zone Act 1
    • Egg Base Zone Act 2
    • Underwater Palace Act 1
    • ????
    • ?????

    • Super Peel Out - UP + S
    • Spindash - DOWN + S
    • Jump - S
    • Back - A
    • Change Controls - D
    sonic eternal llogo.png
  • [​IMG]

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Kooparik
    this game is so beautyfull! the graphics are so highly detailed and the levels are really fun to play, but it could use some polish in the cutscenes and music loops, i'm exited to see how will the final game be like!
    Nocedk likes this.
  2. Prancer
    "Really good, but needs improvement."
    Overall, this demo was fairly solid. The only thing it needs is more polish, the lack of it sticks out like a sore thumb. Some of the graphics kinda clash, the cut scenes feel rushed and incomplete, and the music fades out and takes a second to return, which feels kinda awkward. But the level design and music themselves are really good, not to mention most of the graphics. I had a pretty good time playing this demo, and I wonder what the full game will be like.
  3. Pvic
    "Good but needs more polish"
    I had quite a fun time playing this but it needs some polish.
    Programming wise, there were a few things that bothered me.
    First off, Shadow's homing attack target seems to really go nuts with certain enemies.
    Second, the character select is really weird. I've seen many people, including myself, get stuck in that character select.

    Graphic wise, there's a bit of a sprite clash. For example, Sonic's sprite style is different from Knuckles's sprite style.

    And this is a bit of a nitpick of mine but I think you could try adding some custom enemies and bosses since that would make the game stand out a bit more.

User Comments

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  1. Jyrz
    Sonic 3 is eternal. It was a pleasant play.
      Nocedk likes this.
  2. nihilist
    Great! It reminds me of Sonic XG. Great graphics, good soundtrack and classic gameplay. I like the underwater physics too.
      Nocedk likes this.
  3. mbm 2018
      Nocedk likes this.
  4. mbm 2018
    Keep going buddy!
  5. Cj the fox
    once u finsh the first zone it only has 1 act. was that intended?
  6. Sonic_Speed_206
    How do I leave the game window
    1. Nocedk
      Press ALT + ESC
      Nocedk, Feb 9, 2019
    2. Sonic_Speed_206
      Thank you
      Sonic_Speed_206, Feb 9, 2019
  7. Deline
    Is Amy going to be playable in the final version?
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Nocedk
      Because the level design is not made for Amy.
      Nocedk, Sep 1, 2018
    3. Deline
      Why not let her be playable anyway, at the player's risk?

      Honestly, it's a shame that she's getting cut. It helped make this game unique among the crowd. I humbly suggest reconsidering.
      Deline, Sep 1, 2018
    4. Nocedk
      I'm going to add Espio.
      Nocedk, Sep 1, 2018
  8. GameBustersJai
    I can't seem to open the Rar file, keeps telling me it's either damaged or corrupted.
  9. Foxeh
    oh wow this was pretty great!

    the only complaint i have is enemies in the middle of sections where the player is doing a good speedy run.

    i don't know if that's just my problem, but perhaps placing them at the beginning of run sections instead of int he middle of them may be better?

    dunno if anyone else was having this issue. and it's probably my fault because i don't remember where they're supposed to be.

    anyway i really liked this game. i'll be hoping to play more of this in the future!
    1. Cj the fox
      i DID
      Cj the fox, Mar 24, 2019
      Foxeh likes this.