Sonic Discovery

This is, by far, the prettiest game on SAGE2021 I've played.
First, I'd like to say how much I love the visuals - the cute motobugs, the Limbo-like tutorial stage (which is also surpisingly fun and not tedious for a tutorial), the beautiful cityscape, the rather relatable metro sections, the charming cherry blossom trees, the winter snow in later sections and even Robotnik's machine in the final part looks great. The music is also great and the Special Stage is really unique and fun for a fangame. The level design, while a bit easy, contains a really nice mix of speed and platforming, and I had fun collecting the red rings and getting that unknown collectible in Act 1. And my favorite part are the setpieces - jumping on car trunks as a way to go up, escaping from an underground train, going from busy city buildings to cherry blossoms and having those nice birds across the entire stage, it's all so memorable and fun! My only complaint about this fangame is that the boss is rather repetitive - it has only one attack, which makes it rather easy to defeat. Otherwise, this is probably one of the best games on SAGE2021 - absolutely incredible job!
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great sonic game, quite a fun game to really get into.

-smooth gameplay
-2 banger tracks
-Hat knuckles looks epic
-running is so fast
-basically new donk city zone is a nice location
-rail grinding and boost ramps are a welcome mechanic

-could use some original tracks
-menu music + tutorial stage music is non-existent
-add a cool character select screen?
-new blue springs maybe should bounce a little higher after 2 bounces and not 6

Great job so far! see you guys next sage!
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I quite enjoyed this, very good graphics and gameplay. Very interesting seeing Sonic characters adventure through a real life city environment. I also really liked that you combined classic and modern elements.
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