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Sonic Discovery (Sonic Mania Beta Remake)

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  • 20180802215051_1.jpg
    This is a Sonic Mania Mod that Restores a bunch of Lost or changed features found in the game files and in pictures, videos, and demos, before the game was released. A TON of things have been restored/changed though it is only about 50% complete.

    Ever since SM Plus Came out, it broke a lot of things that I've mostly fixed and am still working on.
    Full Changelog So far:

    1. Translated Unused CESA Message
    2. Restored unused Mega Drive power light
    3. Restored unused title graphics Via Carey's Title Screen Beta Remake Mod
    4. Restored last 6 frames of Unfinished Sonic title screen Sprites
    5. Restored old controller button sprites
    6. Replaced "Mania Mode" With "Discovery Mode" in Main Menu Via Carey's Title Screen Beta Remake Mod
    7. Replaced "Mania Mode" With "Zone Select" in Mania Mode Save Select
    8. Restored Unused Mania Mode Save Select sprites(Unfinished Sonic, Tails, Knuckles Life Sprites, Pink instead of Blue Chaos Emerald)
    9. Restored Unused Time Attack Menu Monitors
    10. Restored Unused Pause Menu
    11. Replaced Almost every Stage file with there old counterparts
    12. Restored unused Encore Green Hill zone palette
    13. Replaced Hyper Potions' intro theme With teelopes'
    14. Restored "Time to Escape!" back in special stages when you fail them (Still W.I.P.)
    15. Restored Unused Bonus Stages (Replaces Bonus Stages 2,3,4,)
    16. Restored beta music for GHZ Act 1, CPZ Act 2, FBZ Act 1, and MSG Act 2 (CPZ Act 2 and MSG Act 2 Still W.I.P.)
    17. Restored Unused Elemental Shields
    18. Restored unused face for Tails carrying Sonic (From a pre-release Screenshot)
    19. Restored Original/unused CPZ Act 1 cutscene sprites for Tails (Via jooj11’s Tails Unused CPZ Sprite mod
    20. Restored Sonic and Tails’ unused Sonic 2 animations for flying the tornado (Still W.I.P.)
    21. restored certain placeholder and Test Strings (Messages)
    22. Restored all four scraped Special Stage Ring Locations in GHZ Act 1
    23. Restored most scraped objects and Platforms In GHZ Act 1
    24. Restored GHZ Landscape based on Pre Release footage from polygon
    25. Recreated DD Wrecker (GHZ Mini Boss) Sprites Based on concept art from SM Plus Art book
    26. Restored GHZ Act 2 Zipline colors to match a pre-release Screenshot
    27. Slightly changed position of a Zipline in GHZ Act 2 to match a pre-release Screenshot
    28. Recreated Heavy Gunner, Hevie Shinobi, Heavy Mystic/Magician, Heavy Rider, and Heavy King’s Sprites Based on concept art from SM Plus Art book (Heavy King WIP)
    29. Restored CPZ Landscape based on Pre Release footage from polygon
    30. Placed unused "Sweep" Enemy in CPZ Act 1 at various locations
    31. Replaced Actual SPZ Act 1 with demo/beta SPZ Act 1
    32. Imported beta SPZ Act 1 music
    33. Imported Unused SPZ Act 2 Boss
    34. Placed "Love Tester" in various locations in SPZ Act 2
    35. Attempted to Restore Unused Clouds in Flying Battery zone Act 1
    36. Press Garden zone renamed to Pulp Solstace
    37. Fixed Pulp Solstice from crashing the game
    38. Placed Unused Objects In Pulp Solstice Zone act 1 (Won't work correctly with Sonic, Mighty, and Ray)
    39. Restored Unused Jugglesaw sprites
    40. Restored unused Dragonfly Badnik Sprites
    41. Restored unused IceBomma Badnik Sprites
    42. Restored unused Ice Spikes Sprites
    43. Restored unused Frost Thrower Sprites
    44. Restored unused Ice Cap Zone Ice Block Sprites
    45. Restored unused pinata in MSZ
    46. Restored unused glowing Catinaut Sprites in MSZ
    47. Restored unused Hotaru and unused Hotaru sprites in SSZ
    48. Restored unused Hi-Lo Sign and unused Hi-Lo Sign sprites in SSZ
    49. Secret Dunky sound effect programed back (Via SuperSonic16's Dunkey lives mod)
    50. Imported Unused Lava reef act 1 and mini boss
    51. Attempted to restore Unused LRZ Act 2 vertical conveyor belts
    52. Moved Heavy Rider Boss to the end of Hidden Palace Zone (Lava Reef Zone Act 2)
    53. Restored Unused Platforms in Hidden Palace Zone For Sonic’s path (Lava Reef Zone Act 2)
    54. Imported Caterkiller, Bomb, And Orbinaut back in MMZ Act 1 and 2
    55. Unused animal capsule ariea In TMZ Act 2 Now accessible (Read Instructions Below)
    56. TMZ Final Boss is now in TMZ Act 3
    57. Restored Unused platforms in Egg Reverie Zone

  • [​IMG]
    Title Screen
    Unused CESA Message Translated
    Hyperkinetic Has been removed
    1 of 4 restored Special Ring locations in Green Hill Zone Act 1
    2 of 4 restored Special Ring locations in Green Hill Zone Act 1

    4 of 4 restored Special Ring locations in Green Hill Zone Act 1
    Placeholder/Unused Green Hill Zone Encore Palette
    DD Wrecker SM Plus Artbook concept art recreation
    Green Hill Act 2 unused Zipline colors and altered terrain seen in pre-release screenshots
    Hard Boiled Heavies SM Plus Artbook concept art recreation
    Unused Tails Animation
    Unused "Sweep" Enemy
    SPZ Act 1 Media demo ported to Mania mode
    Love Tester
    Egg Janken
    Press Garden Unused Objects
    Press Garden Unused Objects
    Press Garden Unused Objects
    Press Garden Unused Objects
    Press Garden Unused Objects
    Unused Dragonfly And Placeholder Woodrow (Woodpecker Badnik)
    Unused LRZ Act 1 Boss
    Unused Animal Capsule
    Egg Reverie Unused terrain
  • Somewhere in GHZ Act 1, there is a small area commemorating Sonic 1 Unused objects that made its way to mania.
    Short Synopsis:
    Restores Lost or changed features found in the game files and that were seen before Sonic Mania was released.
  • This Mod bowrows assets from or uses:
    jooj11's Tails Unused CPZ Sprite mod
    Carey's Beta Title Screen Remake Mod
    CodenameGamma's Unused LRZ Act 1 and Mini boss, and Studiopolis act 2 boss.
    SuperSonic16' Dunky Lives mod.
    The Youtube Channel "B0M" For Finding the beta Zone Music

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Twins'R'Awesome
    "okay then"
    Mod: Well, it's definitely interesting to see the beta of Mania be recreated like this. Although I dont have much to say other than this is an okay restoration. Except the fact that a lot of these old objects don't operate well with Mighty or Ray, It has a severe habit of crashing, and some visual glitches here and there.

    Overall, the mod is okay

    ~buggy/10 [IN DEVELOPMENT]

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