Sonic Cosmic Eternity [SAGE 2018 DEMO]

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It's got great design and all but the game is really hard to play and for some reason i keep rail grinding on the floor
  1. You need to make sonic stick to the floor, it makes segments impossible without it.
  2. The part where you're travelling down from the top of the tower, the geometry stops Sonic's speed. You're unable to actually alter his movement, so it's inevitable without scripting or adding a wall. Same goes for loop-de-loops, annoying to fall off them.
  3. Beautiful graphics
  4. To-die-for theme and adventure style
  5. great drifting mechanic, though it needs a little more tweaking so you can feel like you have a little more control and predictability.
Also, take a page from Sonic Utopia and make it so when you move the analog or WASD keys, your peel-out changes position. It's irritating when you start a peel-out and you accidentally start it sideways.

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This fan game had beautiful graphics if you could see them without the fov going crazy when you land and the jittery camera. This game took an amazing engine and just slapped broken features on top until it was worse than Sonic 06. The game is feeding of nostalgia with the whale scene from Sonic Adventure but when the camera turns around the controls flop so you end up dying. Sonic Adventure got that right in 1998. Then we have loops with no boost pad. And the boost pads don't even work properly. Rails aren't implemented well, you want to grind it and you are a cm off and you miss it. Some Sonic latches on and some don't. Enemies respawn never giving you a break. The whole thing is just bad.
i think youre being a bit harsh on what is essentially a one person fan project that's still in alpha
The demo itself if good it needs work. It features good level design and its one of the most beautiful 3d sonic fan games out there. Though I don't find the rails to be impressive and its very wonky, it's fine enough they're there. The controls and collision needs work as well. There are also more problems but I've noticed there's a patched version of this game that eliminates most of them and the camera can be controlled by increasing the sensitivity in the menu. But I wanted to write this review, not just to give constructive feedback, but also thank the developer. I've noticed a wave of hate for this game for issues that have been resolved thanks to the new patch and added details to the page. I want to sticking close to their project and giving it their all despite the harsh criticisms they're getting. It's not often I see someone quickly apply the criticism to their work and give them the best product possible and I thank them for that. They did outstanding work.
The camera is something that needs a ton of improvement, it has more death than anything else in this game. Mainly around the orca section.

Also the level design needs some refinement. An example of this is the loop before the orca section, it is way to easy to not have not have enough speed and missing the dock.

Also when I homing attack an and enemy I will occasionally get damaged for some reason.

A side note, I do like Sonic's attire.

So yeah, this needs a lot of work done to it.
I'm going to be honest, this needs a lot of work. I didn't even beat the level because I was repeatedly falling into pits due to bad controls or bad camera angles.

The camera was a real struggle. If you're going up a loop, but don't make it and fall... it's hell to get the camera to turn back around so you can see where you're going.

The level layout was probably the worst part. There's way too many traps that you can't even see coming and Sonic falls to his death. It's also very easy, especially with the previously mentioned camera to get lost. There's also many areas where Sonic flies off of something due to a boost pad and can't make the jump, I guess cause he isn't going fast enough? Well I didn't want to go fast cause every time I sped up I died.

The hud looks pretty cool and I like the new enemies. That's kind of a rare thing in 3D Sonic fan games, but there's a lot that needs to be worked on IMO.