SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic and the Mayhem Master

I absolutely LOVE the redesigns and concepts you've done! I haven't tried the 2020 build, but I certainly couldn't get used to the physics of the battle system, like why am I unable to jump high no matter how much I hit W? Aside from that, it's amazing, and I hope this evolves to be full-fledged! I really like the inclusion of Spinball noises too! Though, when you said there was gonna be from fangame to indie game, I would suggest still keeping the fuzziness that Sonic and Amy(?) have, but that's really just me being a dumb furry. Wonderful! :emoji_sparkles:
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Its good but where is Sonic
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i'll be honest, i understand this. WHY IS SONIC A CAT
Its great great music Great the Art And great the battles just a little laggy
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The play style is new to me but I like that you can hurt the enemy while its attacking to get what you need to attack it very nice idea. The steampunk redesign (which is simple) is a great thing to see with the changes to the characters style. I really love the way the characters act towards each other i.e. Amy and Sonic being able to talk like old friends instead of Amy trying to date Sonic. Even though its just a little demo I would love to see a larger game around this
I really like the art style, it's makes it really stand out from the other Sonic related fan games. Also really makes me interested in where you will be taking this in the future. The music is also really good.

The over-world stuff is simple, no real issues there.

The battle system is interesting, not too sure how I feel about sacrificing health to do attacks but it works well enough. Though I do feel that the time it takes for the enemy to attack is a bit long, not too big of an issue.

I should mention that during my first play through, all the sound just stopped working. That was the only big issue I encountered.

With all that said I am really looking forward to seeing what comes out of this in the future.
Gameplay: This one was pretty unique in its own way. I didnt expect a Sonic RPG and I didn't expect this one to take place in a totally different universe than the main games itself. While the overworld gameplay is definitely substandard of what RPGs usually play like, It's battle system is DEFINITELY a waiting game. The battle system is a mix of Megaman Battle Network & the Mario & Luigi series. You use cards as your means of attack, and you use your hp to attack and WHY?! This isn't an innovate gimmick. It's more like a gimmick that claims to be an innovative gimmick, but IS innovate in the wrong ways. You're only means of attacking is your hp. If you attack, you lose hp, If you get hit, you lose hp. While you wont lose after 0HP, you WILL lose at <-1HP. This is the waiting game part comes i-- (cut off bc of char limit :sad:)
Even though it's only a test version of the game I like this already!
The designs, locations, game play and the story- everything in this game is magnificent!
I hope this game will have a bright future!
Keep it up! I belive in you!
- Sofia'18

P.S I really like Amy Rose design :0
First things first, the art style is way different from any other sonic game that I have seen. It's cool seeing sonic drawn completely different than what other games make it out to be. I can't seem to get the story, but I didn't expect it from this demo. The music is pretty cool too. It's definitely a good start, and I really wanna see what the finished product looks like. Until then, keep up the good work, and I'll look forward to seeing the next demo.