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Sonic Alpha

Pretty good fan-Game dude cant wait to see whats more

And yes this is the person who done a playthrough of your game
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Wow! This Sonic Fan Game shows how the blur shall act!
It's really nice see an simle and cool attempt ( a good one) to make something out of some other stuff that'd could be considered oveused. i like how fresh stuff fells in game play, sometimes has soem random issues ( blame the possesed game engine software) wich sometimes interfer in gameplay, just an restart solve those problems.
i like how consistent characters are in level, a good mix that i will be looking forwards for it.;
I'm bad at reviews so here goes...

Controls: It's NSS Sonic Worlds so what more can I say? It controls well.

Level: Pretty nice! I kinda reminded me of the original, but it was quite enjoyable.

Art: Nice! Are Sonic's Sprites from Crackers? They remind me of it. Mighty's sprites looked really good too.

All in all 4/5. Just another pretty good fan game.
Gameplay: Not much to say here other than all of the characters play well and oh hey angel island cool

Graphics: The repurposed graphics are exactly that same as the original. Again, not much to say here except I love the Genesis-esque Mighty sprites holy shit

~2/3 its ok
One could easily overlook the one stage in here as short depending on how it's played. I would still say it's still a bit too empty for my taste, lacking enemies and gimmicks used in creative ways;
However, playing as Mighty I could see that the level had different paths, and even one underwater made for him and Knuckles (perhaps?). His hammer drop and wall grip seem to work well as far as I can tell.
With that in mind, we can see that the level has different layers, and the most obvious path is shorter. There does seem to be a warp ring waiting for Mighty in the different path, but at what cost? Perhaps the idea of alternate paths could be experimented with more
With his abilities from Mania and Chaotix, it would seem that Mighty the Armadillo is the ultimate lifeform. Perhaps a good character for both new players and experienced players at the same time, having multiuse.
The intro screen is also very well done, should point that out.