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Please have the competence to give the text files in the folder a quick read before playing, they hold valuable information,
are there for a reason and will answer most of your problems.

If you encounter any sort of bug, i ask that you do not assume the entire game is like that, simply comment about the bug you found and move on.
When i get time, i will fix it.

As far as progress goes:
Story Wise: only Zone 1 is completely finished.
only Act 1 of Zone 2 is playable

Thanks for playing!

*Story elements are absent in this demo due to their art assets not being finished*

Discord Link for the game:

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

As far as content goes:

There are 10 playable characters, with 5 characters unlocked right off the bat for this demo
Those characters are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow

There are a total of 7 acts in all to play through
There is multiplayer, supporting up to 4 players locally
2 game modes for multiplayer: Race, Battle
An extra objective based mode for single player

due to limitations, Race mode can only be played by 2 players atm.

Latest reviews

Honestly, the characters and their abilities are really fun in this game (except the homing attacks, they often have a lot of trouble locking on to enemies and end with Sonic airdashing instead), but even in just the 3 main levels the demo has this has to be the most frustrated I've been with a Sonic game since CD. The levels are riddled with bottomless pits that have slow moving platforms, spikes on walls right in front of areas where you'll be running full speed, and enemies placed on ledges that'll perfectly knock you into pits or lower paths, which means whenever you're running you have to constantly slow down to make sure you don't run into damage you couldn't see coming. This is especially annoying when one of the characters is locked behind the Bonus Stages and you can't hold onto your 50 rings long enough to try and find them because of the enemy placement. I know it's a demo and all, but it's still good to call attention to little issues in case the devs don't know.
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Hola, el juego todavía no puede probarlo ya que todo funciona con una tecla del turno. Lo borro y lo vuelvo a descargar, pero sigue apareciendo, ¿cómo puedo solucionarlo?
This game is pretty good though i wanna add a couple suggestions
1. fix the slot machine it is way to hard
2.Mario should a attack while he is running like a spin or something
3.shadow should have a boost
4.add a trick system like in sonic advance 2
5.add some more characters like rouge, metal sonic and blaze the cat
6. for sonic's slide ability add some parts of the level that uses it like how knuckles in sonic 3k has own paths by using his punches

that's basically it this is a vary good game and i hope this helps you improve it and make it better have a wonderful day :)

- Jobitz


Very tight controls, impressive for a Fangame made in Gamemaker.

Act layouts are fun and detailed enough, and the additional characters are a fun addition!

Only criticism i can offer is that the physics in the pinball special stage are a little all over the place, and difficult to control.
And there was a little horizontal screen tearing whenever i jumped particularly high, or launched by a spring.

You might also want to amend the readme as it claims the super transform button is "enter" where its actually "q"!
I removed the previous review as there was a broken image and I couldn't edit it out, but it wouldn't let me redo the review. I was also unable to fit my entire here, it was way over the character limit, so I instead screenshot what I wrote and put it up on imgur. (I gave a 4 star rating in the review).
I love this game but one big thing, This is going to be funny to say but Somari is not Mario, I would really like if you added
Somari to game, he would be like Classic Sonic but without a drop dash and with something-else that I can think of atm.

Somari has a bit of a differences from Mario, one: he wears Tails's shoes (From the ingame sprite) two: sleeveless shirt (From the title screen) Three: This one is a fanon thing but I feel like he would have S on his hat.
About my review, I couldn't resist making that reference because to this day, that meme is some of the dumbest crap ever. xD

forgive me ._.
This was a fun time. I love being able to change characters and pairings to whatever I want, it's all I wanted from a Sonic game. However, the difficulty of each levels varies depending on what character you play, but I think that could be easily fixed by tuning the characters a bit.

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