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Sonic 8-Bit Overloaded Demo

General Information

Hi guys, I'm developing a Sonic Fan Game, inspired by Sonic NES Improvement Hack, but with all sonic 1 genesis zones
and 3 extras zones from Sonic 1 SMS, this is called "Sonic the Hedgehog 8 bit Overloaded", because, exceeds the NES limits
Move with Arrow Keys
Jump with Space Key
Pause with Enter Key
F5 - Reset
F7 - Toggle Fullscreen Mode




Latest reviews

this gives me memories of me playing sonic 1 in my game gear, even though the sonic sprite is from sonic 1 from the nintendo nes console hahaha. good game
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For me, classic games have always been difficult, and this game is really difficult in a good way. Nice graphics and physics. I recommend it!
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Dominic rhoomes
i hate this because of the physics of this game


Hmmm. From what I have to say, good job. Sonic feels a lot better to control now than he did before. And is it just me, or did you tweak the level design in some ways? As that feels different from the previous demo you made.
Really loving this! Lovely concept and great good execution!

Only thing I could nitpick: when jumping off an angled surface it seems to overwrite your current velocity with the angled jump, rather than adding the two together. So if you're running up a wall to your right, jumping off sends you through the air leftward, rather than upwards and leftwards. Fixing this would greatly increase the amount of rad slope jumps and high level play available.

This is a really good demo, probably my favourite thing I've played from Sage this year so far. I hope further development goes well!
I like the larger resolution and parallax backgrounds, but I have to say, the original SMS/GG graphics had a lot more vibrant colors and I wonder if it'd be possible to incorporate those somehow. I also had a problem in Green Hill Act... 2, I think? There were some rising and lowering platforms between some spikes that looked solid from the sides, but they weren't, so I passed right through them and fell out of the level to my death. But it's always a pleasure to see Bridge Zone and the physics seem generally solid here and I liked how many monitors there were.

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